Nada Marcinkova Age (Jeffery Epstein Assistant) Wiki, Nationality, Family

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Nada Marcinkova Age (Jeffery Epstein Assistant) Wiki, Nationality, Family

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Jeffery Epstein is again caught up in sex trafficking scandals. Anyone who knows Jeffery surely knows about his controversies. He is also famous as a sex offender. In 2019, Jeffery is charged for sex trafficking. This news is currently hyping the internet.

Previously, Jeffery was caught up in a similar scandal. His scandal also involved two women running his firm. One of them is Nada Marcinkova. Keep reading to know more about Nada.

Nada Marcinkova Age (32/33 years)

Actually, Nada birthdate is unavailable in the media outlets. However, her birth year is available in media outlets.

Born in 1986, Nada Marcinkova’s current age must be around 32/33 years.

Nada Marcinkova Wiki

Born in Czechoslovakia, Nada Marcinkova’s real name is Nadia Marcinko. Nada is an FAA-certified pilot.

She is also a flight instructor. She also has a wiki page.


Nada is the Chief Executing Officer (CEO) of Aviloop. It is a website of aviation. Nada got the spotlight as Jeffery Epstein’s assistant.

Moreover, Nada also worked as a model for few years. Then, she started flight training. She studied at a flight school in Palm Beach Country. She also has a Gulfstream II certificate.

Nada kept her online name, Gulfstream girl. For this, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation filed against her. The infringement suit against Nada was filed on November 18, 2013. However, Gulfstream corp. and Marcinkova settled the issue on January 6, 2014. Later, she named herself Global girl.

Jeffery Epstein Assistant

Nada ran Jeffery’s business with a co-worker named Sarah Kellen. They ran the firm in Manhattan. The property linked to a sex offender, Jeffery. Thus, Nada Marcinkova was also Jeffery Epstein Assistant.

After Jeffery became part of the sex scandal, lawyers questioned Nada and Sarah. The lawyers wanted to know whether Prince Andrew helped Epstein in sex abuse or not.

Additionally, Lawyers questioned Jeffery Epstein’s assistant regarding his abuse in 2010. He abused underage girls. He also solicited prostitution from a young age. Police arrested him in 2008 for these acts.

As per sources, the US government identified Marcinkova as one of Epstein’s associates. A victim claimed that Epstein bought Nada from her parents. And, Epstein forced her to have sex with Nada. Also, he forced her to watch him and Nada having sex.

Recently, the billionaire, Jeffery is charged for sex trafficking. Police arrested him for the sex allegations. The allegations are from the early 2000s. Officers arrested him from New York. He will appear in the court on Monday. Though details about the case are still not available on the internet.

Police charged Jeffery many times for sexual abuse. However, he pleaded guilty all the time. Thus, he got out of jail every time. Hopefully, this time he will get punishment for his criminal acts.

Jeffery is friends with famous personalities. He was a close friend of Prince Andrew. His friend name also includes Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Nada Marcinkova Nationality, Family

Marcinkova’s nationality is Slovakian. Originally, Nada Marcinkova is from eastern Czechoslovakia. Talking about Nada’s family, we only know about his father. Her father’s name is Peter Marcinko. He is an architect by profession

Additionally, details about Nada’s mother and siblings aren’t available yet.