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My Name Is Alex.French Tik Tok Age: How old is Alex French Age in 2019?
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Alex French is probably the biggest viral sensation in Tik Tok. The young high school student went to peak overnight accumulating one and a half million followers.

French is a Tik Tok star who basically performs the lip-sync videos. Besides, she also has that sunny personality who never stops smiling.

After her recent Tik Tok clip went viral overnight, she made headlines as the fastest growing Tik Tok user.

In fact, her fan following reached 1.5 million overnight. With her growing fame, many were on her side while some others were labeling her as hype with a fake voice.

In the meantime, some news headlines were made. Apparently, she was alleged for using the N-word during a direct message on Instagram with a friend.

So, who is this Tik Tok sensation, Alex French? Let’s dig into her profile, age, and wiki in detail.

Tik Tok User My Name is Alex.French

As mentioned earlier, Tik Tok has been an ever-growing platform for youths and teens around the globe. For instance, Alex French is one of those.

Alex French came into the limelight after she recently made a video of saying Hi with her sore throat.

Surprisingly, her creativity was loved by her fans and followers. On top of that, she has that blissful personality spreading her lips in almost every video.

A Texas native is a high school teen with 3 younger brothers.

A quick look into Alex French biography


Alex French has been one of the fastest-growing social media personalities. That’s because of her charming videos and childish expressions.

With her rise, fans and followers are eager about her biography. In fact, she has made it into the headlines overnight. So, there’s not a surprise.

Born on March 19, 2003, she is the eldest of the 3 children. Her father Bart French is a Senior Vice President of Development in a real estate business.

Likewise, her mother Stephaine French is a housewife. Alex French has 3 younger brothers whom she has even featured on her videos.

Alex is currently a high school teen from McKinney Boyd High School according to

In fact, despite her popularity, she is focusing on her high school graduation. Moreover, she is also active in different kinds of religious programs.

For instance, her Christian youth programs led her to travel to Brazil for a mission. Nevertheless, the star is shaping herself to shine in every aspect of her career.

How old is her age in 2019?

The most frequently asked question about the rising star is her age. Multiple sources claim her to be 20 years old in 2019.

However, she is still in high school and her date of birth stands to be 2003. Therefore, she is just 16 years old by 2019.

Judging through her childish expressions, her age sounds about right. Despite being at such a tender age, she has already managed to leap into the spotlight.

As a matter of fact, she did so overnight which takes a handful of years even for celebrities. No wonder the power of social media and web.

At 16, she has already been on the radar of controversies. With the allegations of using N-word, she has experienced very perks of being a celebrity.

Despite all the controversies, she is still a breakout star to watch for the future.