Yes indeed, small cats are always cute and loving. Cat lover would definitely know about the joys of playing and purring a cat in their lap.

You may have heard about the Munchkins cats. If you're not familiar with this short-legged breed then here are 10 different untold facts about the Munchkin breed.

Relatively the new cat munchkin is just like other ordinary types of cat. In fact, they were developed from a genetic mutation as their short legs are the effect of the autosomal dominant gene. Due to the autosomal dominant gene, the long bone develops in cat’s legs to grow shorter.

To inherit short legs gene to its kitten, just one copy of Gene would be enough. Considered as ‘Lethal gene’ the breeders don’t mate two short-legged cats. Eventually, that could lead to the death of offspring.  

Most often breeders mate different breed of cat with Munchkin, to produce the healthy and short legged kitten.