Yes indeed, small cats are always cute and loving. Cat lover would definitely know about the joys of playing and purring a cat in their lap.

You may have heard about the Munchkins cats. If you're not familiar with this short-legged breed then here are 10 different untold facts about the Munchkin breed.


1. The Munchkin cat developed from a genetic mutation

Relatively the new cat munchkin is just like other ordinary types of cat. In fact, they were developed from a genetic mutation as their short legs are the effect of the autosomal dominant gene. Due to the autosomal dominant gene, the long bone develops in cat’s legs to grow shorter.

To inherit short legs gene to its kitten, just one copy of Gene would be enough. Considered as ‘Lethal gene’ the breeders don’t mate two short-legged cats. Eventually, that could lead to the death of offspring.  

Most often breeders mate different breed of cat with Munchkin, to produce the healthy and short legged kitten.

2. All Munchkins are not similar

Oh yes! All Munchkins cat are not similar, even though they are known for their short legs. In fact, you can find three different types of Munchkins cats: Standard, Super-short and rug hugger.

Basically, this breed would have standard legs, only if they do not carry the heterozygous gene. In order to possess short legs, they must have an autosomal dominant gene.

As you have already read in the upper blog about the mating of two different breeds, this is also one of the factors that they are not similar from one another.

3. The cat named Blackberry was the first American Pregnant cat

Even though, there were several individual documented films available of the short-legged cats in Great Britain, Russian and New England since the 20th century. But until the 1980s, people were unknown about this kitty.

In 1983, an American music teacher named Sandra Hochenedel found a pregnant cat under the truck, which is hiding from the bulldog. She took her home and named her blackberry.

Later, Blackberry gave birth to a short-legged male kitten, which Hochenedel gave to her friend, Kay LaFrance. She named the kitten Toulouse.

Since then, her backyard was filled with the short-legged kitten. The short-legged cat, you are encountering today are descended from Blackberry and Toulouse.


4. Munchkin was first introduced in 1991

In 1991, this Munchkin cat was introduced in a national network televised cat show held by The International Cat Association (TICA) in Madison Square Garden.

People from all around the world compared this breed with Dachshund, a dog breed.  Moreover, critics also predicted that this breed would surely develop the back, hip and leg problem in the near future. However, that was the real scenario, as there is no real problem found regarding their short legs.

5. It’s really a mystery, how they got their name

As we all know most of the breed got their name from their originated place. But nobody knows how this breed Munchkins got their name and why they are called so. There are two different tales, how they got Moniker.  

Toulouse owner LaFrance gave few short-legged cats to Pflueger. Among them, one turned out to be pregnant. Later, Pflueger’s daughter named one of the kittens 'Mushroom the Munchkin'. 

Next story elaborates the different scenario, once Pfluger along with her short-limbed kittens appeared on the show ‘Good Morning America’. When asked the name of the breed, she immediately pronounces the name ‘Munchkin’.

However, nobody knows how much true these stories are? people even say that they are all made up stories just to earn paparazzi attention. But still, both the stories are quite impressive. 

6. Munchkin cats are available in every kind of shades

The most distinguishing feature of this breed is its little bow legs. Besides this appendage, you can find Munchkin breed in different shades just like other breeds of cat.

They come in different coat color and pattern. These short-limbed cats are available in long as well as short-haired variety.

They are found in white, fawn, chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, red and cream, tortie. Most of them are found in the mixed pattern.


7. The Munchkin cat is a controversial breed

After its formal introduction to the general public in 1991, this breed was heavily criticized. Some of the people get horrified over the cat’s physical appearance. However, TICA’s officially accepted the Munchkin in their New Breed development program in 1994.

As a result, one of the Judges of TICA resigned, stating the breed is an outrage to any breeder with ethics. At present, several people have a complaint regarding the breed as they think it is unethical to breed.

Due to all these controversies, this breed is not recognized by the Cat Munchkins Associations (CFA) and the American Cat Fanciers Associations.

8. Just a typical cat

People often drag Munchkins breed to controversy regarding their physical appearances, but they are a just typical cat with healthy physicality. This breed does not have any issues regarding the spinal problem.

In 1995, the test was conducted on oldest-living Munchkin that revealed no any sign of bones or joints problem and anomaly. The only things are that they just cannot jump as high as the other ordinary cat.

9. They can sit on their back two legs

During the 1950s, the short-legged Munchkin in Russia used to sit on its haunches. For his weird behavior, they named him 'Stalingrad Kangaroo cat'.

Similarly, this is the most common characteristics shared by the munchkin’s cats, as they are capable enough to roost on their hind legs. In fact, the hind legs of the Munchkins breed are slightly longer compared to their front two legs.


10. A Munchkin is the world’s shortest living cat

Yes indeed, the Munchkin breed is the shortest in the whole cat family. In 2013, Guinness world records officially declared, the Munchkin cat named Lilieput from Napa, California as the world’s shortest cat.

The tiny little cat stands about 5.25 inches tall, that is from the bottom of the paw to the top part of the shoulder.