Can food really protect from disease, such as cancer? The answer is yes. Some foods consist of cancer-fighting properties. According to an American institution for cancer research, the food of plant origins such as berries, garlic, and broccoli are best linked to preventing cancer. Here are the 10 most powerful foods to protect you from cancer.


1. Green tea

Not just a typical green tea, especially matcha green tea is best, as it is extraordinary powder used in Japanese ceremony. In Japan, every family drinks matcha green tea more than water. The secret polyphenol called Catechins is found in matcha.

As per the research, Catechin in matcha green tea can protect you from the UV rays and also boosts your immune system. According to National cancer Institution, catechin protects your DNA cells from damage, as it possesses significant radical killing abilities.

Not only that, it also prevents tumor cell development. EGCGs found in matcha tea can completely eradicate the breast cancer cells. It also inhibits the new blood that feeds to breast cancer cells. Matlacha consists of the higher level of EGCGs compared to other tea, more than 137 times. So, it’s better to drink a small portion of matcha green tea a day.

2. Strawberries and other Berries

Berries are best to plant origin food for cancer protection. Not just cancer, they also protect from heart disease, sharpen your memory and decline cancer cells. Especially, black raspberry and strawberry extracts slow down the growth of cancer cell and inhibit the colon cancer cells.

Strawberries consist of antioxidants such as vitamin C and ellagic acid. Ellagic acid contains anticancer properties as it destroys cancer-causing substance. Berries such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and cranberries contain flavonoids.

Especially blueberries reduce inflammation, as it consists of anthocyanins. According to World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institution for Cancer Research, berries and cruciferous vegetable is best and most powerful food to protect you from a dangerous disease like cancer.

3. Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms

Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms are native to Japan. Basically, these two types of mushroom strengthen your immune system and are a good source of antioxidants. They are rich in vitamin C and B along with calcium and other important minerals required for the human body.

Maitake contains beta-glucans, an immune-boosting compound. This mushroom activates macrophages, white blood cells, in your body. It also activates and boosts the other component such as natural killer cells and cytotoxic T cells. Maitake is best to take as a food or dietary supplement.

Shiitake mushroom is best known for fighting and reducing the progression of cancer and AIDS. It boosts your immunity and protects the body from different disease.

The compound called Lentinan halts or slows down the tumor growth. Another compound that slows down, the growth of the tumor is 1.3-beat glucan. Eating these mushroom will surely benefit you and are tasty too.


4. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables

Most of the people don’t like broccoli. Even though you hate it, you should have eaten it. Vegetables that fall under Broccoli and other cruciferous categories such as cabbage, radishes, turnips, and cauliflower contain phytochemicals called glucosinolates.  

Basically, glucosinolates generate defensive enzymes. While chewing a raw food, these defensive enzymes activated and rupture the cell walls. The human body also produces these enzymes that get activated when raw food passes through it.

You may have heard about cancer reducing compound sulforaphane, and broccoli is its best source. Scientists are researching how it reduces the cancer risk from smoking and other pollutant substance.

According to World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research, these vegetables protects from mouth cancer, esophagus, and stomach. Anthocyanin found in cabbage diminishes the colon cancer cells by 50% to 100%.

Dark colored plant blocks the growth of cancer cells as it contains indole-3-carbinol that recovers the Cell DNA repair.

5. Foods with Folates

You can find folates in your regular food such as apricots, pumpkin, avocados, chicken livers, and green leafy veggies are rich with folates. Generally, folates recover cells and are better known as folic acid and Vitamin B9, one of the B vitamins.

Basically, it is used by pregnant women to avert Neutral tube defect in the baby. The only high dose of it is the matter of concern or else no side effect found. As per the studies, folates synthetic form reduces the cancer clone.  They are very significant to replicate the human body DNA.

Generally, we find B9 vitamin in our day to day diet. Instead of artificial folates, natural folates is highly preferable to synthetic version, because artificial folates sometime act in unpredictable ways inside the human body.

You may have heard the news about folates caused cancer instead of reducing its risk, then that is artificial version. However, research proved that natural folates never cause a problem.

6. Grapes

If you are fond of wine then that’s great as it is best to reduce the risk of cancer.  Research proved that people who consume a good amount of vegetables and fruits automatically reduce the risk of cancer. Grapes especially North American dark grapes that are best known for their tart and musky flavor can protect human body from cancer.

Concord varieties of grapes have thick skin possess and high concentration of polyphenols. It includes resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, Just like another antioxidant, it is highly capable to reduce the risk of cancer.

As per the research, resveratrol is capable enough to halt breast, liver and stomach cancer. Red and purple grapes have high resveratrol compare to green grapes. If you really try to avoid cancer, eat grapes that contain more seed, as it is best for health.

Consuming more red grapes and its juice will automatically help you to upsurge a natural defender against the growth of tumor and cancer.


7. Garlic

Garlic is the most common vegetable available in every kitchen. According to National Cancer Institute, garlic possesses high potential anticancer properties. It is recognized as one of the very few vegetables that can avoid the risk of tumor and cancer.

Especially, garlic diminishes the cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. From antibacterial properties gain its protective effects, as it blocks and halts the activation and development of the cancer-causing substance.

Besides that, it repairs the DNA cell and enhances it and reduces cell propagation. Especially, raw garlic is beneficial for health. This herb like vegetable reduces swelling in the body and fight against cancer.

These sulfur compound found in Garlic kills the cancer cell. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of clone cancer in the human body. So, if you are cooking something spicy tonight then don’t forget to add some garlic.

8. Turmeric

You may know what turmeric is but did you really know it can halt the cancer cells. Turmeric is native to the south west, India that contains Curcumin compound, which has potential to control spread of cancer in the body.

It contains Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative, that fights against free radicals. In 2007, ethnobotanist James A Duke has done more than 700 studies with turmeric showed that it can outpace many of the medicine.

 If we analyze the scenario of India, it is used to treat the stomach and liver disease. Everyday people used to take 2.5 gram or less amount of turmeric that is equivalent to 4 to 6 tablets supplements. Stats also show that India has the least number of prostate, colon, lung and breast cancer patient in the world.

Turmeric is under study for another disease also including Kidney and cardiovascular disease, irritable bowel disease, and diabetes.

9. Beans

How can we miss Beans, when it comes to cancer reducing food? Yes, we often talk about veggie and fruits and forgot to mention beans. But, Beans are highly recognized food for antioxidants. Especially, pinto and red kidney beans are a high specific source of antioxidant.

To be cancer free, you must add beans to your anti-cancer diet. According to American Cancer Society, Beans are rich with fiber that reduces the risk of cancer. As per the survey in 41 different countries, it is proved that people who eat beans have lowered the risk of cancer.

Beans especially halt the breast, renal, prostate, and gastric and colon cancer. Inositol hexaphosphate also called IP6s are available in beans that are highly active anti-cancer compound. Besides that, it also has inositol pentakisphosphate  (IP10) that inhibit the growth of tumor and cancer cells.


10. Spinach

You may have heard about an antioxidant called lutein that is good for eyes. Apart from eyes, it also plays a vital in averting cancer cells. Along with lutein, spinach also consists of Zeaxanthin that eliminates free radical cells.

Those two compounds are found in dark green leafy vegetables. Especially, they protect from mouth cancer, esophagus and stomach cancer. After studying more than 490,000 people, NIH/AARP found out people who don’t eat spinach are more likely to develop esophageal compared to those who eat spinach.

According to research, every dark green leafy vegetable is rich in nutrition. Carotenoids available in spinach reduce the risk of ovarian, lungs and endometrial cancer.