There are many populated cities in the world. Some have millions of residents living in the city and surrounding metropolitan areas. You need to know if your next vacation is going to be in some of the most populated cities in the world. These include:

Mumbai is a city in India that is famous for its population which is a whopping 21.4 million people.

You will be glad to know that the city has some fantastic hotels to stay if you decide to visit. Hotel Sofitel Mumbai BKC, the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai and the Grand Hyatt Mumbai are some of the best options since they are 5-star hotels.

Apart from being densely populated, Mumbai is famous for the Taj Mahal Palace. Located in Apollo Bunder, Mumbai, the Taj Mahal is India’s most-photographed monument.

It blends Islamic and Renaissance styles into a beautiful palace that’s been standing for a long time. If you want to interact with a few of the millions in the city, you can visit the Colaba Social.

It is on the ground floor of Glen Rose building in Apollo Bunder as well. Here you can enjoy a cocktail and partake of Indian or Brazilian cuisine which is the specialty.