Celebrities are never satisfied with any certain hairstyle, they change it often to create a new look. Style may change often however some became insanely famous it eventually turned to be artist’s trademark. There are some such iconic hairstyles which will be never forgotten. These haircuts have been adopted by many people all around the globe. Here is the list of those 20 Most Iconic Celebrity Haircuts which is cool to make it your next style:

20. Halle Berry – Short and Spiky Pixie Cut

Halle Berry’s short and spiky pixie cut is one of the iconic hairdo and her trademark style. She adopted the cut in around 2002.

Halle Berry haircut might have changed with time but her short and spiky pixie cut is surely one among the iconic hairstyles. Whenever anyone remembers her name the first image that comes on their mind is her pixie cut which she first did it around 2002. It later became her signature hairstyle which cannot be ever forgotten.