Apart from being listed in the fundamental needs of human lives, foods have its own importance on the basis of rareness and nutrition.

Most of the people over the world get food as per their finance and need. We struggle around the supermarket to acquire the nutritious food but there are also foods that are so exceptional and costly that even we are unaware of their existence.

These expensive rare melons belong to Cucumis melo species grown in Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan. Yubari was founded as coal mining town in 1943 but the mines work was shut down during the 1980s. The city has gone through the huge economic crisis but the farming of melon has now entirely changed the scenario.

The reason for this melon higher price is because of their syrupiness. The Yubari King melon is the best gift for the summer season. They are greatly appreciated for their sweetness and ideal proportions.

The earliest melons of every year are kept at public auction where the prices go higher and higher. Recently, the best pair of these cantaloupes was sold £21,500 that is more than £10,000 for a single fruit. Generally, they are rated £40 to £80, which is an astonishing amount to spend for one melon.

It is shocking that how a person can simply spend so much of money for that round things but it happens in real nowhere other than in Japan.