There are people who put their lives at risk everyday to provide for their families. The jobs that these people undertake place their health and even their lives at risk. This is the cost of making ends meet. Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world include:


1. Sanitation Workers

Sanitation workers are some of the highest paid people in some countries. The high pay is justified because of the nature of their jobs.

They get rid of all sorts of waste from human excrement to garbage and industrial waste. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world despite the handsome pay.

These workers are exposed to all sorts of diseases and pathogens at work. They might wear protective clothing but this is not foolproof.

Every sanitation worker still runs the risk of getting sick. This is unavoidable because there is no way to ensure that waste is cleaned before handling it.

One of the measures that could make this job a little less dangerous is to ensure that the protective equipment is up to standard. This includes the masks, gloves and even overalls.

Such workers can also have health insurance in the event that they contact any disease and need treatment.

2. Police Officers

Law enforcement officers are always at risk. Their work is to protect the general public. This means that they have to encounter danger and combat it so that you can be safe.

They are almost always assured that they could find danger around the corner at any time. Can you imagine knowing that you could encounter an armed thug every day?

You might pull someone over for license and registration only to find a criminal waiting to attack you. These are very real dangers that police officers have to deal with each and every day on the job.

Police officers do not only face danger from people who are in the process of committing crimes or running away.

Sometimes, even the people you are trying to protect target you if you live in communities where police officers are not considered trustworthy.

This can be difficult and challenging especially when you are trying to help the same people.

3. Carpenters

Carpenters work with wood and certain equipment. They use power tools every day to drill holes, screw in nails and even cut wood.

Each of these tasks is common in the job and requires extra precautions. This is because handling power tools can be quite dangerous.

In addition to this, carpenters tend to work on high ground when they are working on fixtures. If you want high cabinets or a large storage space on top of a shelf, the carpenter would need to be on a ladder to get the job done.

They run the risk of falling and breaking their bones or getting injured in other ways. Carpenters can reduce the risk on the job by being attentive to their work.

This means that they have to be alert as they use various power tools. In addition to this, they also need to wear some protective equipment such as gloves and hard hats when they are working at an elevation.


4. Mechanics

Mechanics work on all types of cars: saloon cars, SUVs, trucks and even farm vehicles. This is a dangerous job where they can get hurt at any time.

Some processes require the use of power tools such as drills, which could cause injury if not handled well.

Additionally, mechanics will work under the hood of the vehicle running the risk of the hood collapsing on them if it is not well secured.

The same applies for working under the car. If the right jack stands are not in place, the car could collapse and fall on the mechanic.

The best way for mechanics to reduce the amount of danger they are exposed to is to stay alert on the job and to use the right tools.

For example, the jack and jack stands used have to be prescribed for the specific vehicle so they do not give way. This would drastically reduce the probability of injuries.

5. Linemen and Power Workers

Linemen and power workers deal with electricity which is already pretty dangerous on its own. These workers are tasked with rectifying electrical problems.

This can be a daunting task especially because electricity can lead to electrocution if the wires are not handled in the right way.

Another thing that makes this job dangerous is the fact that most power lines are high up above the ground.

These workers either have to climb onto poles and support themselves with special gear or even hang from helicopters for really high lines.

They run the risk of falling and getting injured or even dying. The best thing for power workers and linemen is to be knowledgeable in the precautions that they need to take while on the job.

Having the right gear and equipment will help to reduce the chances of getting hurt in the process of handling electric wires, poles or even transformers.

6. Street Sweepers

Street sweepers have the most dangerous jobs in the world. They either have to sweep the road during daylight or at night.

The job puts them smack in the center of traffic. These workers run the risk of getting knocked down by drivers considering how badly people drive.

Sometimes the danger they are in does not come from the fact that people can be reckless drivers. In some cases, they are positioned on blind spots or bends on the road trying to clean.

Drivers would not be able to see them beforehand. They would not be able t brake before knocking the sweeper down.

Street sweepers may have to get hazard signs that are big enough to place a considerable distance away from them as they sweep the road.

This makes it easier for drivers to slow down thus reducing the likelihood of an accident.

Additionally, sweeping at night can be avoided altogether since it is harder to see the sweepers on the road.


7. Firefighters

Firefighters have one of the noblest jobs in the world. They also have one of the most dangerous jobs. They intentionally immerse themselves into fire and dangerous situations to ensure that others are safe.

Their job is always dangerous since it involves fire and other hazards such as falling from high places. When there is a fire in the area, everyone runs away from it.

Firefighters have to run towards it in order to put it off. They have to get into building to evacuate people until they are sure that no one is trapped in the building.

Even with their protective clothing, it is still dangerous. One of the ways that firefighters protect themselves is to wear their fireproof suits and hard hats whenever they are in action.

Aside from this, there isn’t much they can do since their job involves running towards the danger in order to save other people and ensure that they are safe.

8. Stuntmen

Stuntmen intentionally place themselves in danger for the thrill of it.

There are those who walk on the ledge of a tall building without any harness, go rock climbing without a harness or even leap between buildings without a care in the world.

This is a description of those who do it for fun.

Those who work as stuntmen are not any different, only that they get paid to do it.

Stuntmen are employed as doubles to take part in dangerous moves during filming where actors do not want to risk their lives.

They drive fast cars, crash motorcycles and jump out of moving vehicles, planes and buses. There isn’t much that can be done to make the job less dangerous for stuntmen.

They love doing what they do and one of the comforts is in knowing that they are trained.

There have been cases where stuntmen have died from trying to perform various stunts.

9. Miners

Miners have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. They have to go into dark tunnels where their vision is inhibited to try and find precious metals or stones.

They run the risk of the tunnels caving in and trapping them in the ground or even killing them. The other risk that comes with mining has to do with breathing problems and the health of your lungs.

You might have those face masks to reduce the amount of dust or polluted air that goes through your nose but it cannot be totally avoided.

The masks can only do so much. When it comes to oil and natural gas miners, they run the risk of the ground giving in and the rig collapsing.

This would suck them into the hole and trap them underground as well. Mining of any kind is considered dangerous regardless of the benefits that it will yield.


10. Mountain Guides

Mountain guides have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Their working conditions are far from perfect.

They are out in rugged terrain in the jungle with thick and dense vegetation. The alternative is that they are in the cold with snow and thick ice on the ground.

People expect guidance from these professionals regardless of the climate. Some mountain guides often have to decline going out into the mountains.

This is when the weather looks like it will get worse, that is, torrential rainfall or blizzards.

They could easily get trapped in these natural occurrences and get stranded or even die. Mountain guides can only make the job less dangerous.

This is achieved by obeying the weather patterns and advising tourists on when it could be most dangerous to go into the mountains.

On normal days, these professionals have gotten accustomed to the rugged terrain, thick snow and other conditions that might seem dangerous to the normal person.