There are people who put their lives at risk everyday to provide for their families. The jobs that these people undertake place their health and even their lives at risk. This is the cost of making ends meet. Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world include:

Sanitation workers are some of the highest paid people in some countries. The high pay is justified because of the nature of their jobs.

They get rid of all sorts of waste from human excrement to garbage and industrial waste. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world despite the handsome pay.

These workers are exposed to all sorts of diseases and pathogens at work. They might wear protective clothing but this is not foolproof.

Every sanitation worker still runs the risk of getting sick. This is unavoidable because there is no way to ensure that waste is cleaned before handling it.

One of the measures that could make this job a little less dangerous is to ensure that the protective equipment is up to standard. This includes the masks, gloves and even overalls.

Such workers can also have health insurance in the event that they contact any disease and need treatment.