Going through same regular routine can be boring so a good prank in a while is sensible.  Today we have brought you 20 of those pranks which you can do in fewer efforts. We guarantee you the best time and fun pulling up these pranks on your friend.  

Nasty Cola Prank

Nasty cola prank is to create cola colored liquid with the help of spirite and soya sauce. This will develop a very nasty kind of taste.

Well everyone loves cola and its taste but this prank is going to make them hate it to hell. We don’t have any record when this prank was done but you can do it next. The best thing about it is the nasty cola is not hampering anyone’s health.

All you have to do is pour the cola into an empty bottle as that you can drink it later. The fill it with sprite and add enough soya sauce to bring right cola color. Then offer your friends your special cola that they have ever tasted.