Going through same regular routine can be boring so a good prank in a while is sensible.  Today we have brought you 20 of those pranks which you can do in fewer efforts. We guarantee you the best time and fun pulling up these pranks on your friend.  


1. Nasty Cola Prank

Nasty cola prank is to create cola colored liquid with the help of spirite and soya sauce. This will develop a very nasty kind of taste.

Well everyone loves cola and its taste but this prank is going to make them hate it to hell. We don’t have any record when this prank was done but you can do it next. The best thing about it is the nasty cola is not hampering anyone’s health.

All you have to do is pour the cola into an empty bottle as that you can drink it later. The fill it with sprite and add enough soya sauce to bring right cola color. Then offer your friends your special cola that they have ever tasted.

2. Pringles Prank

The Pringle prank can be done upon your siblings by giving them tasteless chips. Just lick the entire flavor and place the chips into the box.

This prank can be done between siblings as they are very fond of eating our food without any permission. When your sisters or brothers are amazed seeing you offer some tasty Pringles, you can enjoy the scene.

Before giving a big pack of Pringles to them lick all the flavors. Make sure that you don’t miss any one of them. Then place those chips very carefully as they were before and give it to your siblings.

3. Sorry wrong person

The wrong message prank can be done with your mom to make her worry. If you are a mom for revenge the second mysterious can be done.

This is a proof that if you can pull off a prank on your mom she is the one who gave you birth. A mom is always one step ahead of you no matter what. The first prank is done by a son making his mom worry if he takes drugs.

And the second one is the mom doing the prank. She is creating a mysterious and thrilling environment and plotting everything in a great manner. This prank can be done to any of your close ones because it’s so much fun on how they respond.


4. Mayonnaise Prank

When everyone loves mayonnaise replacing it with sometimes unexpected is fun. Pouring vanilla pudding and offering to your friends is surely an evil idea.

Mayonnaise prank is hilarious to watch when you know everything. Before you try it doing on them first give a delicious mayo to your friends. Make them believe that you have no evil idea inside your head.

You don’t have to invest much in it. First, empty a mayonnaise jar making it completely empty. To be more accurate clean the jar with soap and water so that the taste of mayo goes away wholly. Then fill the jar with vanilla pudding and let the game begin.

5. Office Upgrade Prank

The office upgrade prank will bring some great laughter in your office hour. You can do several pranks and make your colleague mad.

People usually prank for fun but the office upgrade prank can be done as a part of revenge. It is surely a savage thought when you change someone’s working room into a hilarious box. You can choose your own way, the one can be sticking photos of the section owner.

Some of the best office upgrade prank to do is changing the entire cabin into a bathroom because the staff never arrive office on time or sticking the pictures of a cat as he/she hates every cat of the world even yours. And for those who eat a lot at an office, you can replace their mouse with a similar shape bun.

6. Oreo cream with toothpaste prank

Replacing Oreo cream with toothpaste and offering it to your kids will surely make your day. It is a very simple thing to do to kids.

This will be one of the most brutal crimes for the one who loves eating Oreo every time. The prank can be done to small kids as they can never say no to this delicious chocolate biscuits. Seeing those kids reacting to your joke will surely make your day.

Just bring some Oreo and pull out all of the creams. Make sure not be break the biscuits as it may create certain doubt. Add required amount of paste on one part and then place the next one on the top of it.


7. Nail polish Soap Bar Prank

Polishing a soap bar with water nail polish is a great prank to play. It can pull upon your girlfriend and see her scream.

This can be one of the best pranks that you can play with your girlfriend. Take her favorite bar and a clear nail polish. Taking the transparent polish is not going to ruin the real color of the soap.

Let it completely dry before placing it in the bathroom. Your girlfriend will never be able to get the difference between the unpolished and the polished one. Wait until she goes into the bathroom and sees her reaction.

8. Alarm Clock Prank

The Alarm Clock Prank is the best revenge prank. It can be pulled upon those who annoy your morning sleep.

When you are staying together with your roommate then there is a probable chance of getting disturbed by their loud alarm. It is surely one of the most annoying things to hear when you are deep in sleep.

So to give your friends a good lesson the alarm clock prank is the best thing. First of all, take four alarms and set them at the exact same time. Then hide those alarms in different places throughout your dorm room.  Watching your friend freaking here and there to shut the alarms will be fun.

9. Spider-in-a-Cup Prank

Spider-in-a-Cup Prank is one of the oldest but the most effective prank ever. You can scare the hell out of people with led effort.

This prank will probably be best for those who are scared of a spider, having arachnophobia. Prank using fake spider might be one of the oldest tricks to scare people. However, you cannot deny that it still works perfectly well for anyone.

Here are the steps, take a fake spider, a clear plastic cup, and a piece of cardboard or paper. Place the fake spider on the clear cup you have. The second thing to do is holding the cardboard on the opening of the cup and flip it sideways. Go to your friend and see their reaction.


10. High Five Prank

High Five Prank can be done on anyone you meet on your way. This prank requires no time and money.

Doing this prank you don’t really have to pick a certain person. You can just pull it to anyone else you meet on your way. If you are feeling bored with pranks which required more time and money, this trick is certainly to try on.

Take any petroleum jelly and rub huge amount on both of your hands. Then just say what’s up or hey to anyone you pass. The best thing to see is some people even do not notice it.

11. Exhaust Whistle Prank

Exhaust Whistle Prank is to be done to those who love their car a lot. This prank will leave them wondering what’s wrong with their car.

Everyone loves their car, some love it more than themselves. So for those who always glorify their car and take extra-good care of it car prank is the best one. Doing the exhaust whistle prank its best to see who your friend react thinking his car has broken.

It is very simple, put it in the exhaust pipe on your friend’s car. Fix it very properly don’t allow the pipe to get more exposure. When your friend starts the car and accelerates it there will be a loud noise. The noise will make your friend think that their car has some mechanical issue. Do not forget to make some videos.

12. Fake Poop Prank

It is a prank to make artificial poop and to make your friend crinkle. The fake poop can be made with both edible and inedible substance. 

There are multiple ways you can make fake poop. Well, this prank can be done with your most clean mate. It is one of the best ways to bring out the weirdest scream out of your friend. The artificial pop can be made very easily within no time.

The first way is to take 1.5 cups of powdered sugar, 1/3 cup of cocoa powder, 1/3 cup of peanut butter, and one tablespoon of milk. Mix it very well and make the shape of poop. Next method is to take a bowl of water and dip the toilet paper roll into it. Roll it in the shape of poop, Simple!!!


13. Mixed Candy Prank

This prank is to mix a bag of M&Ms and Skittles in a bowl. Offering the mix after your friends get drunk is fun.

Whenever you are going to a birthday party and decide to take best think, it can probably be some candies. But this simple sweetness can also bring a funny moment when it is turned into prank.

All you need is Tupperware, a bag of M&Ms, and a bag of Skittles. Mix both the M&Ms and the Skittles into a Tupperware. Wait for your friend to get drunk fully. Then watch them grab some handful of those and get disgusted with the sour fruity and chocolate mix.

14. Frozen Gel Prank

The Frozen Gel Prank is to be done to your male friend who is fond of using hair gel. Freeze the gel and make him use it.

It is one of the easiest and funny jokes that can be done with your friend. You can pull this on your roommates to frustrate the hell out of them. The best part is you don’t even have to need any hair gel of your own.

Steal your friend styling gel and let them freeze it overnight. Check it very properly if it is completely frozen or not. Then keep the gel box where it always is. When your friend takes it and tryna pull some it will be frozen cold.

15. Harmonica Car Prank

Harmonica Car Prank is a simplest yet great prank to pull on. You just have to fix a harmonica on your friend’s car grille and see the magic.

A prank can never get limited to your room, inside the form, or even outside the house. The best prank to perform is where your friend thinks is the safest place for them and their stuff. This is the next car prank in our list which is must to be done on your friend.

All you need for the prank is a harmonica, a tape, and the victim’s car. Place the harmonona somewhere on the grille of the car. Tape it very carefully. When your friend takes the car over 40 MPH the harmonica will start blasting. This will leave your friend to confuse and think where the noise is coming from.


16. Dry Board Eraser Prank

The Dry Board Eraser Prank is to be done on your favorite teacher. The call will surely burst into laughter due to this prank.

This prank is to be done on your teacher because some fun with your favorite teacher is justifiable. Just get to your class early before anyone is there and mess with their dry board eraser.

Take the eraser and open it, pour some black shoe polish and keep it back in the safe place. After some time the material inside it absorbs all of the ink poured into it. As your teacher pull out the top see how fun to see them panic on the mess.

17. Powerade Chili Powder Prank

The powerade chili powder prank is for those who love eating hot and spicy. You have to pour some chili powder on your friend’s powdered bottle.

The powerade chili powder prank can turn nasty sometimes. So if your friend can get harmed from the chili powder then it better not to try on them. Plan on someone who can go easy with the harsh chilli powder.

Take a bottle and then pour some chili powder into your friend powdered bottle. Leave it as it is because it is hard to pop out. You can even add more chili powder inside and water inside it. Put the cap very firmly and then keep it in a dark room.

18. Balloon Behind Door Knob Prank

The Balloon Door knob prank is to place a balloon behind the door and make some mess. You must fill the balloon with water inside it.

For this prank, you definitely need a bit of preparation. First of all, you have to remove the screws from any of the doors that open outward. Then take off one of the knobs until the door is completely open.

Fill a balloon with water and use kool-aid again. Tie the balloon very carefully to a rod and attached with the doorknob and let the game begin. When someone is going to open the door they will have a mess to clean up.


19. Glue Sanitizer Prank

Replacing sanitizer with glue without giving any clue to your friend is fun. It is create a sticky environment around you.

Like other prank on this list it is also an easy one which does not require any effort or money. You can pull this prank to your girlfriends as they are fond of sanitizing their hands.

Take your friend’s sanitizer and empty the bottle. Add glue to the bottle. Make sure not to mess it as the smell of the glue can confuse your friend. Secretly place it to your friend’s bag. The scream after getting glue on the hand is worth seeing.

20. Party Snap Pen Prank

Party Snap Pen Prank is to the best prank to make you friend scare their heart out. It can be quickly done by fitting party snap inside a pen.


This prank surely is one of the funniest pranks to watch. You can stay and have a good laugh as you are the one behind it. This can be done to friend, colleagues, or even to your teacher.

All you have to do is take a spring pen and a party snap. Open the lid of the pen and place the party snap in it. To properly adjust cut out the tip part of the refill, from where we write. Then close it very carefully. When your friend will try to use the pen the sound will make them crazy.