Moshe Ndiki Boyfriend Phelo Bala :: Age, Partner, Gay, Engaged

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Moshe Ndiki Boyfriend Phelo Bala :: Age, Partner, Gay, Engaged

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Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala are a couple of Transgender. Their relationship came to public attention through social media. Moreover, the couple is engaged now. They are now the cutest couple of the year according to Feathers.

Moshe Ndiki is 32 years old

Moshe Ndiki’s age is 32 years. He was born on 9th March of 1987. Additionally, his zodiac is Pisces. And also his boyfriend’s age is a question to her.

Moshe Ndiki is a YouTuber, content creator and also musician. He is famous for his parody videos and his music. Moshe also appeared in many reality shows. Thus, he is an unforgettable face from MTV Africa. And he found his life with Phelo Bala.

About his education, he is a bachelor degree holder in acting. So he is very good at his youtube channel. Moreover, he belongs to America. He comes from Multiracial Descent.

About his Youtube channel, he has only posted 30 videos. And his subscriber’s count is 16,810 till 2nd September. His  Instagram and Twitter account also has a huge fan following. Altogether, he is a famous digital personality.

Additionally, his net worth is $500,000. Also, he owns his own website named “Moshendiki.co.za”.

Moshe Ndiki Boyfriend Phelo Bala

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala are officially life partners after their engagement. Phelo Bala is Moshe’s partner. Phelo Bala is the member of Bala Brothers.

Bala Brother is the family band of the Bala’s. The group includes Phelo himself and his brothers. Also, he works as a vocalist and musician in the band.

About Phelo, he is the youngest sibling of the Bala’s. He learned in the same school as his brothers did “Drakensberg Boys Choir School”.

As a matter of fact, He debuted through his solo album in 2014. And now, he along with his brother is a famous band in America.

About his career, He along with his brothers performed in Cape Town in memory of Nelson Mandela. And the band is appreciated for good music.

Moshe Ndiki is a proud Gay

The god doesn’t create everyone similarly. If everyone were the same and perfect, there would be no room for competition. We would not be able to distinguish ourselves from others. So, there is a couple of Moshe and Phelo who are different, unique and inspirational.

As a matter of fact, the couple is of two gay boys. They saw love in them and are happy now.

Moshe Ndiki and Fiance/Partner

Moshe’s boyfriend or fiancé’s name is Phelo Bala. They both loved each other irrespective of their gender similarity. The couple are in the phase of marriage. Moreover, they decided to live together for a whole life.

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In developed countries, the relation might not be questioned. But within some low mentality people, the relation love is still unexplained. Besides, they are an example of the gay community.

Are Moshe and Phelo Engaged?

Moshe is engaged to Phelo Bala on 1st September of 2019. This incidence changed the perspective of love to many peoples. This relation explains that a man can also be in a relationship with his own gender. Irrespective of the fact that we can only fall for the opposite gender.