Morgan Beck Net Worth, Age, Height: Facts on Bode Miller Wife and Kids

Morgan Beck Net Worth, Age, Height: Facts on Bode Miller Wife and Kids

Morgan Beck Net worth ($1 million dollars): According to celebritynetworth.com, Morgan Beck rakes a decent net worth of one million dollars. And, the credit goes to her professional career.

In case you don’t know yet, Morgan is a beach volleyball athlete. Additionally, she also works as a model. In fact, these careers sum up a net worth of $1million for Morgan.

Morgan Beck Age (32 years old)

Born on March 30, 1987, Morgan Beck is currently 32 years old. Furthermore, Her birth name is Morgan Elizabeth Beck. But, she is widely popular as Morgan Beck.

Additionally, after marriage with world cup champion, Bode Miller, Morgan is also known as Morgan Beck Miller.

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Morgan Beck’s Height ( 6 feet 3 inches)

Professional volleyball player (Beach), Morgan stands tall with a height of 6 feet and 3 inches. In cm, it’s 191 cm. As a matter of fact, Beck’s towering height helps her in her athletic profession. And, in her modeling career as well.

Likewise, her perfectly maintained body with her height opened doors for her in modeling career too.

In addition, Morgan weighs 77 kg i.e. 170 lb. She has a well-trained physique. That’s completely admirable.

Morgan Beck – Facts on Bode Miller Wife

Wife of World Cup alpine ski racer is Morgan Beck Miller. Undoubtedly, It’s not a new name. Both individuals are famous in their own fields.

However, Morgan is also famous for marrying Samuel Bode Miller. Moreover, Miller is a World and Olympic gold-medalist in ski-racing.

Here are some facts about Morgan Beck Miller.

  • Beck’s parent’s name is Ed & Cindy Beck. Additionally, She has two siblings, Erin Margolin (sister) and Garrett (brother).
  • In fact, Morgan appeared as one of the hottest players in the 2012 Olympic Team of the U.S. According to Complex Magazine in 2014, she was a hot athlete.
  • Morgan is dear to her dad (army veteran). She named Edward Nash, her 1st son after him.
  • In 2012, Morgan got hit by her husband’s golf ball. She received about 50 stitches after the hit in her face.
  • After the birth of Emeline, Morgan had posted a nude photo with her baby girl.

Facts on Morgan Beck and Bode Miller’s Kids

  • Morgan shares two children with her former husband. Edward Nash Skan Miller (son) and Emeline Grier Miller (Daughter).
  • Nash was born in 2015 and Emeline in 2016.
  • Morgan and Miller lost their daughter Emeline on June 9, 2018. The 19 months old cute girl lost her life from drowning in a neighbor’s pool.
  • After the death of her daughter, she even shared a heart-breaking pic to create awareness. Obviously, Morgan didn’t want other parents to experience the same pain.
  • Also, she is the stepmother of Neesyn Dace (daughter) and Samuel Bode Miller.
  • The son is referred to as ‘Nate’ by Morgan and Bode.
  • Dacey currently lives with Chanel Johnson, her mother and Miller’s ex-bae. They live in Escondido, California.
  • Likewise, Samuel is a son of Miller’s ex Sara McKenna.

To know more about, Morgan Beck’s professional life visit her Wikipedia page. It’s well-written covering her career achievements.