Who is Mildred Patricia Baena Husband? Net Worth, Age, Height, Kids, Bio

Mildred Patricia Baena is best remembered as the home wrecker that destroyed the almost picture-perfect marriage in Hollywood. She may be notorious as a house assistant of biggest A-list celebrity, but in recent years, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress and mother of his child out-of-wedlock, has become the part of most inexplicable celebrity lovechild scandals. Keep scrolling to know about the mother of Arnold’s illegitimate child!

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  • Birthday: N/A
  • Ethnicity: N/A
  • Nationality: Guatemalan
  • Profession: N/A

Mildred Patricia Baena Personal Life – Is She Married?

Currently cohabiting with years-long partner Alex Aguair, Mildred was earlier married to Rogelio de Juses Baena, from 1987 to 2008. Sharing three children with his ex-husband, she has one out-of-wedlock son with famed Hollywood star.

Mildred’s personal life became front-page news when actor-turned-politician confessed fathering a secret born with the family housekeeper back in 2011. Both Mildred and Arnold were married to other people when they started their secret affair and the two went on to produce a child together nearly 21-years ago.

While it’s unclear if Mildred and Arnold’s fling was more of a prolonged affair or one-time indiscretion, but, they were certainly engaging around the time when his ex-spouse, Maria Shriver was carrying their youngest child. Maria gave birth to their youngest born, Christopher on September 27, 1997, and just five days after, his child love was born.

Although the ‘Terminator’ actor already knew the truth about Mildred’s paternity, the two kept everything hush-hush and Arnold allegedly paid out millions of dollars to his mistress in exchange for her silence. Following the strikingly similar appearance to Arnold, his then-wife Maria questioned him and the truth was spelled.

The ex-spouse ended their 25-years of marriage in May 2011. As per Mildred, she had already divorced her husband of many years, Rogelio de Juses Baena in 2008.

Quick Info

  • Parents: N/A
  • Husband: Rogelio de Juses Baena (1987-2008)
  • Children: 4
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Born in Guatemala, Mildred, who is also known as Patty Baena, tends to keep her early life spent in the south of Mexico as private as possible. There is very little known about her apart from the fact that she has an extra-marital affair with Arnold and shares a son with him. Details about her upbringing and education are hard to track down.

Mildred Patricia Baena Age – Height and Body Measurements

Mildred Patricia Baena is an old-aged woman with visible wrinkles and grayness. Seemingly short in height, she has a heavier appearance with plus-size body measurements.

Sexy Latina woman who was once noticed by earlier heartthrob Arnold, she has been aging naturally with visible gaunt and wrinkled appearance. Unbothered by careless hair, oversize, non-glamorous appearance, the mother of four is a refreshingly humble lifestyle.  

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  • Height: N/A
  • Body Measurements: N/A
  • Plastic Surgery: N/A
  • Weight: N/A

With her receding hair and growing old age, she has kept her figure intact by following a healthy lifestyle, but, has seemingly gained little weight over the years. A true Mexican, she is blessed with a really curvaceous figure and the most highlighted body part is her natural big breasts.

Unlike her ex Arnold, who never shied away from media/public eye and has been living in the public eye, Mildred respects her privacy and has kept low-profiles over years. Plus- she isn’t active on social media as well, but, her son Joseph Baena runs an active Instagram account.

Mildred Patricia Baena Net Worth and Salary

Mildred Patricia Baena Net Worth: Mildred Patricia Baena is a lesser-known personality who hasn’t officially embarked a career on the limelight. With that being said, estimating the career earning or the personal wealth of this lady is quite hard for now.

But, as the secret mistress and the mother of Arnold’s (who is worth $400 million) out-of-marriage child, she might be receiving hefty cash as a compensation and child support. Mildred, who was considered a valued employee, retired from her duty after 20 years in January 2011.

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  • Net Worth: N/A
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