Michelle Carter Age, Wiki (Conrad Roy Girlfriend) Parents, Family, Bio Fact

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Michelle Carter Age, Wiki (Conrad Roy Girlfriend) Parents, Family, Bio Fact

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If you like ‘13 Reasons Why’, this bio might really give you some happy tingles. I am only kidding because nothing about this article is gonna give you happy tingles. Talk about a toxic relationship, here the toxicity meter has blown off. Just imagine a relationship where some girl urged a boy repeatedly to kill himself and then the guy ends up doing it.

You just can’t believe it, can you? But an event just like that happened. Michelle Carter is a girl who has been convicted to manslaughter Conrad Roy indirectly or rather virtually. Apparently, Michelle repeatedly texted Conrad to kill himself and he did. This story was the talk of the town when it first blew up. More on Michelle Carter below!

Michelle Carter Age 22 years

Michelle Carter is currently 22 years of age. She was born on August 11, 1996, in the USA.

She’s just 22. She’s supposed to just watch Netflix, gush over new Shawn Mendes music video but here she is- being convicted for a crime and is sentenced in jail for 15 months and 5 years on probation. I guess the end really is near.

Michelle Carter Wiki

She might be just a normal girl and nobody would have even known about her. Now many people know her. So, Michelle is not famous but rather infamous.

Born and raised in Plainville, Massachusetts, she had a very normal childhood as far as we can say. But we don’t know each and every detail about her family environment. Maybe that could also be a reason for her problematic behavior.

As of right now, she’s been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to jail for 15 months. In addition to that, she’s also been charged with 5 years of probation. Carter is scheduled to release in May of 2020 as of now but things could change if her team lawyers up and pulls something crazy in the court.

Michelle Carter’s Parents David Carter and Gail Carter

Michelle Carter was born to David Carter as father and Gail Carter as a mother.

Other than that, there are not many details about her parents. She also does not have any siblings that we know of. However, she must have lotta relatives and that’s good because the Carter family needs lots of support to grieving for their daughter in the prison.

But more than that, Roy family needs support to mourn the loss of their son who’s in the grave now.

Interesting Facts

  • Michelle had met Conrad in 2012 while she was on Florida on the course of meeting her relatives. The two then started a relationship and became boyfriend-girlfriend. However, later on, they became long-distance partners as she returned to her home.
  • After repeated talks, Conrad revealed the abuse he was suffering from his father and grandfather and tried to commit suicide. Carter discouraged that but after lotta complaints, one day she just decided to help him die and suggested him to die.