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Michael Kelcourse is the butler and top-aide of Bravo’s reality show “Southern Charm” star Patricia Altschul. He currently takes care of Ms. Altschul and her Charleston home named Isaac Jenkins Mikell House.

He came in limelight after cameos in the show as the delightful and loyal butler of Ms. Altschul.

As surprising as it sounds, Michael always had a knack for being a butler. Even in high school, he worked as some sort of butler in the theatre. When he was 23, he got an opportunity to be an apprentice in a gourmet restaurant in Ireland.

He got enough freedom in that apprenticeship to express himself and grow as a person doing what he had always loved. This really built a strong will in Michael to pursue a career in service.

Even though he returned back to the U.S. and enrolled himself in a nursing program, he quit that shortly and followed his true passion of service.

He then worked as a butler for major high-class families in the early 1990s around Florida and Virginia. Later, he got a job at Mrs. Eleanor Purviance Bostwick, wife of Albert Bostwick whose grandfather Jabez Bostwick was a co-founder of Standard Oil with John D. Rockefeller.

He was in service of Mrs. Bostwick for 13 years until she died.

After his service for over a decade for one of the prominent American family completed, he became the most sought after butler around the coast. Ms. Altschul wasted no time whatsoever to approach Michael.

Michael Kelcourse Patricia Altschul Butler

In Bravo’s website, talking about her book “The Art of Southern Charm”, Ms. Altschul reminiscences about her meeting with Michael for the first time.

She heard about Michael from a mutual friend named Mario Buatta.

They quickly set up the meeting and hashed out the usual stuff. Now, Michael has been working there for 15 years.

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Repost #luzanneotte What does a Kentucky Derby party at the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House look like? Miss P eschews electronic invitations in favor of sending via post a few weeks prior to the occasion. Typically, the party is held from 6-8PM and guests are requested to wear, “Derby attire.” This means seersucker suits and bow ties for the men, and pastels for the women. While millinery is a quintessential accessory at Churchill Downs, P advises ladies to think twice about wearing a large hat to an indoor party. • NBC’s posted air time for the Saturday, May 5th race is 6:34 EST, it actually starts at 6:46PM and lasts only a couple minutes.  Since the race itself is short lived, a successful Derby Party requires an environment reflective of the gathering’s raison d’etre alongside top drawer victuals and libations • Equine and equestrian-themed accoutrement abounds: @horseandhound plates, @leronlinens table linens, @charlestonstems rose centerpieces as a nod to the, “Run for the Roses” • Hors d’oeuvres set up at three stations throughout the house to prevent bottlenecking include shrimp towers, Benedictine tea sandwiches, deviled eggs, truffles by @christophe_chocolatier, and homemade sugar cookies. Of course, no Derby Party would be complete without the iconic mint julep (served in silver julep cups only, please) • Traditional Mint Julep: 1 ¹/₃ ozs. Bulleit Bourbon 1 ¹/₂ tsps. sugar Fresh mint leaves Water Using a silver julep cup and a silver muddler, crush sugar, mint leaves and a splash of water. Add Bulleit Bourbon, fill glass with crushed ice from Lewis Ice Bag and stir until frosty. Garnish with fresh mint. Plan for 1 lb. of ice per guest

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Ms. Altschul praises Michael for his refined taste in food and culture. Michael is also Ms. Altschul’s personal bartender. She often jokes how she likes Michael’s sense of humor and her Martini alike: dry.

Ms. Patricia Altschul is a Socialite and a Television personality. She was married to late Arthur G. Altschul, a Goldman Sachs partner, and an avid art collector.

Ms. Altschul has a son from her first marriage in 1962 named Whitney Sudler-Smith, who is also a cast member of “Southern Charm”.

Michael Kelcourse Age


As much as we want to know about Michael Kelcourse’s age, there is no valid source on the internet that cites his date of birth.

However, it is clear that Michael was born in the State of Michigan. Aside from that, there is virtually no information about Michael’s family.

Michael Kelcourse Salary, Net Worth

Over the years, Michael has served several elegant and well to do people. The profession that Michael is in entirely deals with serving high-class members of society who can actually acquire his services.

Needless to say, Michael is doing pretty well for himself. He was very much sought after by his current employer Patricia Altschul. In an interview, Michael said that he was very much impressed by the offer that Ms. Altschul made.

Like a fine butler that Michael Kelcourse is, he is secretive about his salary. Likewise, there is not any information currently available on his net worth either.