Merrill Lynch Employee: Who Is Jim Iannazzo? 

If you are a social media addict, you must be familiar with the racist video that is taking no time to circulate on the internet platforms. Further, Jim Iannazzo is one of the employees at Merrill Lynch who is going viral for his racist comment on a teenage girl named Gianna. 

Moreover, Jim didn't have any specific identity before the incident, but people started searching for him on social media platforms as soon as the video went viral. 

Likewise, our close reports on Jim states that Jim is not just an employee at the company. Besides, he is also serving as the managing director of the organization. 

Further, according to his Linkedin bio, Jim has been serving as an employee for three decades, i.e., 1995 to be precise. Similarly, Jim has also received a financial planner and personal advisor certificate from the CFB board of standards and Merrill Lynch Internal. 

Additionally, Jim has been trending on social media sites for showing unacceptable behavior towards his customer, Gianna. 

Jim Iannazzo Racist Video On Twitter 

Jim Iannazzo's video has been rapidly shared on various internet platforms, including Twitter and TikTok. As soon as people went through his video, they started commenting and presenting their views and opinion towards the incident. 

Additionally, the social media users started addressing him as a ferocious and racist guy. Similalry, we can see people's opinion of the incident as they have thrown many comments. 

Infact the post is full of public comments where we can see some people wrote, " This is how Iannazzo of @MerriLynch treats people. Is that ok with Merri Lynch?

On the other hand, some of the users also added a comment where they wrote, " Jim Iannazzo threw a drink at a teenage girl and call ger an immigrant. You have to fire him to save whatever reputation you have left". 


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Who Did Jim Iannazzo Throw Smoothie At?

The video in which Jim Iannazzo seems to throw a smoothie at a teenage girl after a few minutes of verbal altercation is shared by several users on online platforms. 

Likewise, people are showing huge support to the girl named Gianna. There is not much available about the incident, but it will be updated when we get more news.