Do you remember watching movies of superheroes defending the bad villains with their incredible powers?  Don't deny we know you wanted those superpowers under your control at some point in your life. It is sad though we never can get those enhancing magical strength but have you heard about mental illness brining superhuman brain powers to you.

Okay, we admit mental illness is not what you want as it has unbelievable amount of negative disgrace.  People with mental diseases are mocked and are hardly accepted by society. But as they say, Karma never fails to surprise us having a mental disease is a matter of envy for many of us.

When the focus is on the positive aspect of mental illness you will forget about the negative things people told you. Here are some of the incredible powers people with mental disorder are likely to possess. Some of them are worth dying for, read till the end to find out which.

There is a prove made that people having the psychotic disorder are exceptionally brilliant in mathematics. The research made by Reykjavik University concluded their research stating that the student best in math was suffering from the psychotic disorder.

Those brilliance, who scored highest on math, were later hospitalized with the symptoms of psychosis. With much exercise of their brain because of the math solutions they got sick head and had bonafide schizophrenia.