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The vivacious and charming Melissa Long is an American journalist. She is currently working for WXIA-TV in Atlanta Georgia. She had joined the network in 2011 where she was appointed as the channel’s anchor and reporter. She was born and raised in United States of America. She graduated from Syracuse University with double major in journalism and policy studies. Later, she joined University of Rochester to complete her MBA degree.


She had a long history of working with several different channels in the past. She had demonstrated her range and her potential over the years. She is the former employee of CNN, one of the most reputed news organizations. She started her association with the channel in 2005. At CNN, she had accomplished some great deeds. She had covered international breaking news that includes execution of Saddam Hussein, President Ford’s Funeral, and rescue of hostages by Somali Pirates. Besides, she also has interviewed countless famous faces. She had one-on-one interviews with politicians, business leaders and celebrities like Vice President Joe Biden, Spike Lee, Jennifer Lopez and many more. During her tenure at CNN, she definitely out performed and achieved some appraisable work.


And in 2010, she moved to Bloomberg Television as their Sydney and Hongkong Bureau correspondent. However, her work period with Bloomberg lasted only a year as in 2011 she got an opportunity at WXIA-TV to work as their anchor and reporter. She hosts 11 alive for the channel. And in her beginning phase of her career, she worked as communication professor at St. John Fisher College. Not only that, she also wrote a weekly financial column for Rochester Insider. Later, she joined WROC-TV to pursue her career as a journalist.


Her captivating beauty combined with her passion for journalism helped her glide into the television industry with much ease. She definitely has an attractive persona. Anybody wanting to pursue a head strong profession with television cannot ignore the fact that one has to look after their appearance which is one of the significant criteria. Melissa has done a fabulous justice in that department. Her slim built; her mesmerizing smile and her confidence has worked for her. She always make the effort to put her best foot forward regarding her styling and all because any minor flaw could look magnified on screen. She wears flattering clothes that shows off the right amount of skin and her beautiful long legs.


Talking about her personal life biography, she is married to her husband Bobby England. The couples only recently tied the knot on May 18, 2013. The newly weds appear to be happy with their relationship. Their marriage is only few months old, so basically they are not planning for babies at moment. She’s definitely not in the state to become pregnant with his child. She has a career to balance already and now she has the additional job of a wife too. She is beautifully managing her personal and professional life. She has come a long way in her career and at present with a loving husband by her side, Melissa is enjoying a happy feet.


She is receiving a good amount of fortune from her current employers. She is after all one of the valuable asset for WXIA with all of her past experience and her abilities. She delivers her best at work. She is somewhat successful in her career. But, her net worth and salary is not disclosed by any source in the internet anywhere. She holds colossal prospect to make her professional life even successful provided her dedication and hard work. We wish her all the good luck for her future endeavors.


She has a twitter account like many of us. Her fans and admirers can follow her at her twitter and get to know her better. More about her can be obtained from wiki too. To add some interesting information about her, she loves volunteering. She has volunteered 1996 Olympics games and most recently she volunteered with homeless in Manhattan, place where she currently resides.