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Melissa Dominique Tik Tok Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Height, Parents, Instagram
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You got talent, come to Nashville and perform on the bars. That was what happened early on. Then, it was you think you can dance, come to TV. And, now it is, So you think you have talent, make a video on your phone. Melissa Dominique did just that.

The digital revolution has brought a big change in how we communicate as human beings. Melissa is one of the youngsters who has gone viral for her lip sync videos from the Tik Tok.

Some people might be snitching about such stars but those people don’t understand that it is what it is. People want to see other people lip-sync stuff. Just make your peace with it. If you can’t make peace with your old age. I am sorry if that was too harsh but it was all just a silly joke.

Melissa Dominique Age: 18 years old

Melissa is a Tik Tok star. So, she can’t be more than 20 years old. How weird would it be if I was like,’ She’s a Tik Tok star but she is 59 years old’? Anyways, she is 18 years of age as of 2019.

Melissa Dominique Wiki


There is no wiki page on Melissa but we have found a lot of information on various site and have compiled this information for you guys.

Melissa was born on April 9, 2001, in Mexico. We can’t confirm the actual whereabouts in Mexico but we know that it was Mexico.

She was born with a birth sign Aries and not a lot has happened in her life. Moreover, her career in show business, if she is interested in that has already from her Tik Tok endeavors.

She was also a member of the girl group named Tres 8 Uno. But now she’s her own boss and her own worker. She has been able to garner 110 thousand fans on Tik Tok which is pretty impressive.

Melissa Dominique Boyfriend

Apparently, even after searching high and low on the internet, I haven’t been able to find any information on Melissa Dominique’s boyfriend.

So, we will have to just say that we don’t have any info on her boyfriend. Therefore, you can hire a personal investigator to look into the issue if you really want that information because I can’t give you that information.


Dominique is pretty active on Instagram and shares her pictures regularly. Give her a follow if you want. Her Instagram page is pretty dope.

I had said, hadn’t I? Give her a follow if you want. She has an impressive number of 40.6 thousand followers. She has followed 1388 people. But, I bet she does not know all those people but that’s common in social media sites- to not know all the people you are following.

Melissa Dominique Height

There is no information regarding Dominique’s height and that’s all. Let’s just move on. From her Insta pictures and Mexican heritage, we can kinda say that she stands at a pretty average height, exact height- we have no clue.

Melissa Dominique’s Parents

There are no sites on the internet saying about her parents. So, just make peace with the idea that we have no info regarding Dominique’s parents.