Mc Jottape Age (Sintonia) Height, Parents, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Bio

The social media personality promoting themselves to a professional acting career is normal these days. Mc Jottape is one of those who has made it to Netflix.

Mc Jottape is a Brazillian singer and songwriter. Likewise, he also produces records of the Portuguese songs in Brazil.

Despite his screen name as Mc Jottape, his real name is Joao Pedro Carvalho.

Moreover, he has recently caught the eye of fans after starring in a Netflix series. Netflix Brazil has released a crime-based web television series ‘Sintonia‘ featuring him in August 2019.

Here you will know all about his age, parents, Instagram, bio, girlfriend, net worth and more.

How old is Mc Jottape Age?

Mc Jottape was born on June 2, 2000, in Corumba, Brazilian municipality in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. He has spent most part of his life in his hometown.

Hence, as of 2019, Mc Jottape is 19 years old with the birth sign Gemini. The Brazilian pop singer is active for KondZilla, a leading music direction brand in Brazil.

How Tall Is Mc Jottape Height?


Despite the available fact about his height and weight, fans like to play guessing games. The 19-year-old looks fine young gentleman in his photos.

Mc Jottape must be around a height of 5 feet 8 inches reckoning through his Instagram photos. Nonetheless, he is good-looking and tough in his physique for his age.

Mc Jottape Parents and Family

Joao Pedro Carvalho was a blessed son of Ricardo Carvalho and Eliana. His parents are both Brazilian with Portuguese ethnicity.

Mc Jottape was a soccer fan since his childhood days. Likewise, he also was into singing and acting. His parents always supported his hobbies and likings. Apparently, he has already made them proud as an artist in such an innocent age.

How much is Jottaoe’s net worth 2019?

Mc has been in acting since 2003 when he was just 3 years old. Likewise, he also commenced his singing career since 2013.

It’s been a ride of a celebrity for Mc Jottape since his early childhood days. well, he has gathered a lot of fame in his name along with economic achievements.

As of 2019, his net worth is under review. The amount must have reached a roof after featuring in Netflix series ‘Sintonia’.

In 2018, Mc Jottape’s worth was approximately $2 million.

Girlfriend and Dating Life

It’s obvious for stars like Mc Jottape to keep their private life separate from the professional one. Well, at least they try to.

Apparently, his fans are always supervising his posts and images. They just try to sneak some information about his romantic life through those posts.

Jottape shares a lot of challenge videos that includes girls.

However, Mc Jottape has not shared any photos referring to someone as a girlfriend. Even though, he shared a lovely photo with a blonde that mentioned love and stuff.


Born with name Joao Pedro Correia de Carvalho, Mc Jottapi unfolded his career from ‘Acquaria’ in 2003.

Likewise, he also featured in ‘O Menino da Porteira’ in 2009 playing as a protagonist. Similarly, he appeared in soap opera, Uma Rosa com Amor in the same year.

Moreover, he featured in TV like ‘Health Village’, ‘Brazil Avenue’, ‘Tune’, ‘Whatever the cost’, and recently ‘Sintonia’.

The star has also been active in his singing with 3 singles released till date. He had a breakthrough in music on August 4, 2017. Consequently, he was hired by KondZila, a leading record producer in Brazil.

On September 9, 2017, he released his first single with them earning a million views in 10 days. He has been singing for the channel since.

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