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Maxim Dadashev Wife, Wiki, Net Worth: Hospital, Condition in Coma After Brain Surgery
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Maxim Dadashev is a professional boxer from Russia. The professional boxer is recently in a critical condition and is undergoing brain surgery. He was hospitalized on Friday, July 19. On Friday night, Maxim faced Subriel Matias in an IBF Junior Welterweight Title elimination round.

Though Maxim continued fighting Subriel up to the 11th round, his trainer throws in the towel afterward. After Buddy McGirt released that Maxim had taken too much damage on his body, he decided to call off the match after the 11th round. Clarifying the reason behind giving up the fight, Buddy explained that a punch can change a guy’s whole life and he isn’t ready to let that happen with Maxim.

The Hall of Famer trainee Buddy did the right thing, saving the Russian boxer from getting into the worse condition.

Obviously was a wise and clever move from Buddy. Before he could make it to the locker room, Maxim vomited on his way and left the arena on a stretcher. According to Mary IH Cobb, the neurosurgeon to have operated on Maxim, the 28-year-old fighter is in a serious condition.

Let’s find out in details about his health condition and a lot more in here.

Hospital, His Condition After Brain Surgery

According to Cobb, the boxer suffered a brain bleed on his right side. Head shaved, scalp opened up and he is showing signs of severe brain damage, according to the neurosurgeon. Moreover, he is given medication to work on his swelling.

After his 2 hours of surgery, Maxim remains in the critical care unit to relieve a subdural hematoma (bleeding of the brain). Though he is in a critical condition, he is stable, according to the doctors. Maxim’s coach Donatas Janusevicius visited him after his surgery. According to Donatas, the bleeding has stopped as well as the swelling.

Donatas shared about his fighter’s health status speaking with ESPN after the surgery on Saturday.

According to ESPN, his wife will arrive in the States on Tuesday evening.

We wish him a speedy recovery and good health.

Who Is Maxim Dadashev Wife?


The Russian boxer is a professional fighter and is among the world-renowned athletes. Despite the fact, he lives a low key personal life. Unlike other athletes who enjoy flaunting their personal affairs with their fans, Maxim doesn’t.

As of now, there aren’t enough details about his marriage, wife and love affairs on the internet. Though ESPN stated that his wife would arrive in the States on Tuesday evening, it didn’t share her identity.

However, according to a New Jersey-based journalist and reporter, Ryan Songalia, Maxim’s wife is Elizabeth, a Russian native. Writing on his Twitter account, Ryan shared that Maxim’s doctors are trying to contact Elizabeth to find out about his prior brian injuries and health issues.

It’s still unclear whether they have any children or not.

Details About His Wiki/ Net Worth

Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Maxim finances his living working as a professional boxer. Though the exact figure of his net worth and income isn’t public yet, he must be making a colossal sum.

According to, any professional boxer has a base income of $51,370.