Max Martini | Biography

Citizen of all three of the United States, Italy & Canada, Max Martini has garnered a worldwide fame as a proficient actor, landing roles on film, television as well as stage productions. Some of his best noted portrayals count in the 2005 war movie “The Great Raid”, UPN series “Level 9”, 1998 epic drama movie “Saving Private Ryan” & the military TV drama sitcom “The Unit”.

The actual birth place of Max Martini is still in dilemma; however its sure that he was born either of New York’s Kingston or the Woodstock Town of New York. Born on 11th of December, 1969, Max was brought up initially in the US, then subsequently in Canada & Italy. His full birth name is Maximilian Carlo Martini & is the son of Patricia (nee Dunne) & her first husband. Later, she married actor cum director Stuart Margolin. As for his mother’s profession, she served as a parole & investigator officer. His biological father was originally from Rome, Lazio. He has 2 siblings, a brother named Christopher Martin & a sister named Michelle Martini. Max headed towards the New York City & soon started attending acting classes, firstly at the prominent Neighborhood Playhouse prior to acquiring training at the Michael Howard Studios. The young guy then focused over his early passion for fine arts & subsequently joined the Manhattan based School of Visual Arts, acquiring a B>F>A degree in sculpture & painting.

Behind his college study, Max Martini found sturdy job in television & film projects. With his acting debut in 1981, the actor has now succeeded earning the total of 4 million USD as his accumulated net worth. His early film roles count co- starring next to Jodie Foster in “Contact” & as a scientist named Willie in “Saving Private Ryan” alongside Tom Hanks. The flourishing actor later made his co- starring as the first Sgt. Sid Wojo in the 2005 John Dahl’s war film “The Great Raid”. He made his appearances in a few smaller independent movies, working with Jeffrey Wright & Chris Penny in “Cement” & with actress Calista Flockhart in the movie “Jane Doe”. In the year 2008, the actor was seen in 2 different movies “Redbelt” & “Street Warrior”, followed by his role in the 2010 released “Mandrake”. He played a commander for United States Navy SEAL in Paul Greengrass’s 2013 released biographical thriller “Captain Phillips” & too landed a role of Herc Hansen in “Pacific Rim”, that year. He played Jason Taylor & Tom “Pyro” Roberts in 2 different movies, “Fifty Shades of Grey” (2015) & “Sabotage” (2014), respectively & is now reported to be emerging soon in the to-be released 2016 movie “13 Hours” & “Spectral”. He has even landed roles on different theoretical/ stage productions to date.

Max Martini’s TV credits count a lead part in the Sci-Fi Channel mini- sitcom “Taken” additional to his landing on the 2nd season of Fox’s “24” as Agent Steve Goodrich. He was as well cast in Chris Carter’s TV sitcom “Harsh Realm” & was seen as a recurring character in the Canadian sitcom “Da Vinci’s Inquest”. Max also made his appearance on the series “Lie to Me”. After outstanding guest starring on popular television sitcom, including “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Walker Texas Ranger”, “Num3ers”, & “CSI: Miami”, Max portrayed a lead character in in the television series “The Unit”. In the year 2011, the actor was seen in a single episode of CBS police procedural sitcom “Criminal Minds”, following which he was noticed in the role of Big Charlie & Fletcher Moss in “Republic of Doyle” (2013) & “The Mentalist” (2013), respectively. His most recent role was as Koz in the NBC drama series “Crisis” in 2015.

Max Martini has updated his relationship status as married since the year 1997. It was the very year when he walked down the aisle with his only love of life, Kim Restell, behind few years of romantic affair. Together with his wife, Max shares 2 children, both boys named Sean Carli martini & Leo Martini. For more information concerning the actor’s personal & professional life history, a close glance over his official sites can be beneficial. He is as well active on social networking sites & too has a biography mentioned on wiki.