Max Landis Net Worth, Father, Wiki, Gay – Is Max Dating Whitney Moore?

Here are the few facts on the screenwriter Max Landis.

Max Landis Age

He was born on August 3, 1985, in Beverly Hills, California. Currently, he is 33 years of age.

He originally went to Beverly Hills High School and also studied at therapeutic school in Connecticut. In a recent interview, he mentioned that he was diagnosed with dysgraphia, which makes it harder for him to write with his hands.

Max Landis Father, Parents

Max is the son of director and producer John Landis and Hollywood costume designer Deborah Nadoolman. He has one older sister, Rachel Landis who also works on films.

When you have a father who is well-established in the business, it’s easy for the children to break into it. Many people consider the same with Max.

However, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Max strongly argues that his father didn’t have much to do with his career. He even expressed his disappointment in how people always consider him to have “made it” despite mediocrity, thanks to his Hollywood dad.

But let’s be honest; even though he refuses his parents influence in the industry he works in, Emmy winner director and Oscar Nominated costume designer have some impact to make things better for their only son.

Is Max Landis Gay?

The short answer to this question is no, Max Landis is not gay. He had multiple girlfriends before. As a matter of fact, he is accused by several women of sexual assault, more in that below.

Max Landis Wiki, Net Worth

Max has his own Wikipedia page. It has everything from his controversies to his filmography achievements.

He has written about 75 screenplays. The famous among them were “Mr. Right” and “Bright” starring Will Smith. However, the film couldn’t live up to its hype.

Mark Landis has a net worth of about $6 million. Additionally, his 68 years old father John Landis has a net worth of around $150 million.

Is Max Dating Whitney Moore? More on Sexual Assault Allegations

Was, Max was previously dating actress Whitney Moore. Whitney was dating Max in the turbulent times when he was caught with the Weinstein effect.

Many women came forward with their stories of misbehavior by the screenwriter Landis. Mainly by his former co-worker Anna Akana who worked with him in his project “Wrestling isn’t wrestling”.

He had the gross reputation of sexually assaulting women. Among the women who came forward with their stories were American video game developer Zoe Quinn, American-British sketch comedian Siobhan Thompson among 8 others.

Mike Drucker, a famous comedic writer, who now works at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee in TBS, said that the powerful parent of Max helped him stay out of trouble and act as if nothing has happened.

His girlfriend Whitney too, defended him from these accusations. However, just recently in June of 2019, she took on to Twitter and basically confirmed what other survivors had said. She even said that he is very violent to be around. Out of fear, she has promised to share other details anonymously.

She regretted that she trusted him to grow into a better man and shielded him. However, he showed no signs of recovery and exploited the conditions even more. As a result, the actress, Max’s ex-girlfriend Moore lashed out on Twitter.