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Matthew Fahey Age, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki ( Married and Wife Facts)
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Matthew Fahey is one of those talented people who apparently can do it all. He is an actor and producer. Well, now I have realized that he can’t do it all but only two things. So, my bad!

However, it’s not to say that Matthew is not talented at all. He has acted on Television shows very well and received accolades and award nominations.

Matthew Fahey Age is 28 years old

Matthew is currently 28 years of age. There you go, you have that information now. He is 28 now, which means that he was born around the ’90s. In fact, according to, he was born on September 28, 1990.

So, he grew up watching the original Spongebob cartoon and all the amazing cartoon of the ’90s. Some of you might be jealous while some of you might be clueless. As I am dragging this too much. some of you might be even angry but what the hell, I am still doing it. Okay, now I ‘ll stop doing it.

Matthew Fahey Height is 1.78 m (5.10 feet)


According to a trusted site online which concerns itself with celebrity’s height, Fahey stands at 5 feet 10 inches which is 1.78 meters. That’s a really nice height for actors, it’s just a sweet spot.

I say sweet spot because some actors are really tall and have a hard time maintaining a strong screen presence. So, not too tall and not too short is the requirement for an actor. And, Matthew here fits that quite beautifully.

Who is Matthew Fahey Girlfriend Kasey Dunn?

There is no easy way of knowing who a celebrity is dating. Normal people have no hardship declaring who they love unless they are LGBTQ people. Also, actors are very secretive about their relationship stuff because it could hamper their love life.

If I had contacts with the TMZ, I would stalk Matthew Fahey and say the name of his girlfriend but I don’t. The internet also seems to have no clue regarding that.

Moreover, the popular site says that Matthew might currently be single after all.

But I wouldn’t say the same after looking at this picture of his Instagram. He is in a relationship now because that post was recent.

It seems like Kasey Dunn is his girlfriend.

Matthew Fahey, Is he married? And some facts

According to sites on the Internet, we just have no clue regarding Matthew’s marriage. His private life stays private and he shows just how much he wants to. So, I guess he only shares a picture of a girl biting his cheek on his Instagram.

That is real but seems like he is not married yet and they are just having a grand time.

  • He was born in New Britain, CT and his childhood period were fun because he started to act as a child.
  • Fahey has starred in Dexter making that his most famous appearance. He has garnered many critical praises and money along with that.
  • Matthew is worth from $1 million to $10 million. The absolute figure, we don’t know. But he is a rich actor. Don’t worry guys, he’s fine.