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Matt McQuaid Height – 6 Feet 5.5 Inches (1.96 m): Matt McQuaid who has been playing as a guard for the Michigan State for four years stands with a height of 6 feet and 5.5 inches.

The huge defender has been one of the best players for the Spartans and undoubtedly his impressive height has a lot to do in this.

Currently, he is one of the most famous and trending basketball player.

Due to his gigantic height, he not only makes playing difficult to his opponent teams’ shooters but also bags some points every game in his name.

His height and his body structure gives him not only an athletic look but also makes him look very aesthetic.

Matt McQuaid Age – 22 Years Old

Matt McQuaid is just 22 by age but he was a very key player for Michigan State in the recent NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament where the Spartans made it to the finals.

Born on 28 September 1996, he has been involved with the Michigan State Spartans since 2015-16 seasons.

The Texas-born basketball sensation has been a hot topic for the overall basketball community in the United States.

Who is Matt Mcquaid Girlfriend Calla Ramont?


Talented young sportsman Matt McQuaid is in relationship with his girlfriend Calla Ramont who is one of the six children born to Lisa Ramont and Richard Shaye Ramont.

Her father is a former basketball player while her mother is in the real estate business.

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Calla was a Lansing Catholic High School student ambassador. She is fond of running, doing yoga, baking and hanging out with her friends in her free time.

Matt’s beautiful blonde girlfriend is a college tennis player and plays for the Grand Valley State University tennis team.

In 2012-13, listed Calla as a two-star player and ranked her 10th senior players in Michigan while she was 472nd in terms of national rankings.

The couple has been happily in a relationship since 2017. Initially, they opted to keep their relationship status private but later in 2018, Matthew surprised his fans by posting a picture of the couple on Instagram.

They are happily in a loving relationship and Calla is very supportive of her boyfriend’s basketball career which is evident by how she attends every match Matt plays.

Matt McQuaid NBA Career

Currently, he has made a huge decision to enter the NBA and he has been drafted in 2019.

Brian Jungreis has been appointed as his agent and he has been drafted to the NBA by Michigan States team.

While he is yet to play a debut game in the NBA, it has been predicted that he will be a top player in years to come.

Previously, Matt was a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA) for four years in a row. He also captained the Michigan State University (MSU) team last year and led it to the finals.

It was sure that a player who not only shoots incredibly well but also passes and defends in a very special way will look forward to his career growth.

He played his last game for MSU in the final of NCCA against Texas Tech.