Mateusz Hładki Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Him

Mateusz Hładki Wikipedia, Age Girlfriend And Instagram Net Worth

Mateusz Hladki is a famous media person whose information and details about Wikipedia are available in this article.

Mateusz Hladki is a journalist and is known to be one of Poland’s most handsome journalists. He has been a media person for some time but has not been able to be as famous as he should have been.

Therefore, the internet has very less information about this handsome journalist. This Polish journalist is seen in the show named Good Morning TVN.

Is Mateusz Hladki On Wikipedia?

No, Mateusz has not been able to get himself on Wikipedia yet.

However, Hladki’s personal bio has been included by some other websites on the internet. 

Mateusz Hladki’s age is said to be 34 years old as he was born on July 2, 1986.

He was born in Poland, but his actual birthplace has not been revealed yet to the world. However, he has been working in New Zealand as a TV journalist.

Meet Mateusz Hladki Girlfriend 

Mateusz Hladki has not revealed any information about his girlfriend to the media or on the internet.

There have been many rumors about some of his previous relationships but Hladki has never given any comments in any of these rumors.

Hladki comes from a Polish family

This journalist has not given any more information about his family and has kept them completely away from the limelight of the media and the internet. 

Mateusz Hladki Instagram

Hladki can be found on Instagram under the username @mateusz_hladki_.

He has shared 2466 posts and has been able to gain 35 thousand followers on his Instagram profile. He is a fitness freak and shares a lot of photos of himself in the gym and showing his muscular body.

We can also meet Mateusz Hladki on Twitter as @HladkiM.

His Twitter account has a total of 171 tweets with 234 followers. Moreover, he joined Twitter in October 2014.

Mateusz HladkiNet Worth

There have also been no details about Mateusz Hladki’s net worth yet.

Hladki has not talked about his salary and earnings to the world.

However, it is known that he has been earning a well amount of salary as a journalist.

He has added a lot of money to his net worth which can also be seen from his Instagram posts.