Mary Kate Robertson Age – Is Mary Kate Robertson Pregnant with Husband John Luke Robertson?

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Mary Kate Robertson Age: Mary Kate Robertson was born on May 20, 1996, in the U.S state of Louisiana. She is 22 years of age.

Her husband, John Luke Robertson was born on October 11, 1995, in the city of West Monroe in Northeast Louisiana.

The coupled got married when Mary Kate was 19 and John was 20. John Luke Robertson drew the motivation from his own parents Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson who married young and according to him are “more in love now than ever.

Is Mary Kate Robertson Pregnant with Husband John Luke Robertson?

After much speculation, John Luke Robertson finally shined some light on the matter and announced that they were indeed expecting a baby.

Mary Kate looked amazing with her baby-bump alongside her loving husband John who held up the sonogram for everyone to see.

The Instagram post soon gave way to an outpour of congratulations and good – wishes from their fans.

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Yep, that’s a baby!💙

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Before long, the guessing game began about the gender of the baby.

Though, the game was short lived as Mary Kate posted the same photo in her Instagram after a couple a day and announced: “…excited about this little dude.” Then it remained no longer a mystery. The couple is expecting a baby boy.

Mary Kate Robertson and John Luke Robertson: Short Bio, Proposal

Mary Kate Robertson is a social media star and a blogger. Before she married the “Duck Dynasty” star her name was Mary Kate McEacharn.

She is a famous blogger who doesn’t hold back what’s on her mind and people respect her for that.

She often addresses the people who read and follow her blog named “thelittleduckwife” as an extended family.

In her past blog posts, she has extensively talked about her and her family’s fight with Lyme disease. Her father who worked as a pharmacist was first diagnosed with the disease and soon she caught the disease along with her mother and her sister. Mary was only in fourth grade in those precarious periods.

Mary, due to facing life-threatening or in minimum, a life-altering disease in her young age, she has a strong belief in God. She advises people with similar conditions to keep their faith in the almighty and be emboldened in tough times.

Mary is also now a popular presence in social media. She has over 600 thousand followers on her Instagram. She is very active on Instagram. She is very well traveled and her fans enjoy watching her pictures as much as she enjoys posting them.

Furthermore, she is also active on Twitter. She has got about 30 thousand followers there.

John Luke Robertson is a prominent face of the popular A&E network’s record-shattering reality TV show “Duck Dynasty”. It is based on the lives of the Robertson family and their business. He is also an author of several books like “Be Your Own Duck Commander”, “Si in space”, “Young and Beardless” among others. John also is a very devout Christian. His love for Christ is among the many things that he has in common with Mary Kate.

John proposed to his now wife Mary on his 19th birthday in 2014. Before this, the couple had been dating for 6 months. Long story short, she agreed and they exchanged their vows at the Louisiana farm in presence of loved ones on 27th of June 2015.