Serial Killer With Piers Morgan

Serial Killer with Pier Morgan is a Netflix show in which Piers asks a series of questions to the prisoners. With this show, he tries to understand the criminals and the reason for the crime. This is a British Crime TV show that released in the year 2018. In the first episode of this show, Piers interviewed Mark Riebe. In the interview, Mark accepts the murder of Donnah but denies killing other women. Mark even tries to lie on the camera but later as he seems unsuccessful, he responds rudely and cuts off the interview.  

Son of Mark Riebe

From the reports, we can only know that Mark had five children, but it is not clear about the genders of his children.

Who was Donna Callahan?

Image result for donna callahan 29-year-old Donna Callahan was a resident of Florida. Born on July 30, 1960, she was the mother of a two-year-old daughter. She was pregnant for the second time when Mark killed her in 1989. Donna used to work at the convenience store as a clerk in Jr. Food Store in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Police found no evidence of a struggle at the store. This is why police suspected that she must have been kidnapped and murdered. Police were able to solve her case only when the half- brother of the main culprit confessed. Mark Riebe’s half-brother, William Alex Wells who was already in jail turned out to be the informant. He confessed that he and Mark kidnapped Donnah, killed her and buried her in the family property. William Alex Wells also had charges for kidnapping, assault, and murders. At that time he was serving the charges in jail. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="718"]Image result for william alex wells William Alex Wells (left), Mark Riebe (right)[/caption] It was only after the confession that the police could get to Mark Riebe. Later he also confessed to killing the 29-year-old. But the case closed only in 1991 favoring the victim’s family. Reports from 1998 suggest that he was into alcohol and medicines causing him to forget what happened. He is now serving the life sentence.

Mark Riebe’s Bio is as mysterious as he is

There are no reports to clarify the height, weight and other details of his physical appearance. He is evidently not present in any of the social sites. Thus it is possible only to know a few details about him.

Mark Riebe’s Wikipedia

As stated earlier, Mark Riebe is a serial killer. He has charges of murder and he is also a prime suspect of other few deaths. The death of Donna Callahan has caused him a 25-year-long sentence to prison. Apart from this, the kidnapping and murder of Darlene Messer and Deborah Poe, though is an unsolved mystery, police suspects that Mark might be the culprit. Both the victims worked at a convenience store. The mysterious murders that happened in Florida back in the 1980s are related to Mark, according to the Police. Furthermore, Even Mark has accepted killing 13 other women, however, he has also denied to those confessions later in many instances.

Mark Riebe had a normal childhood?

Mark was born in 1961, but his actual birthdate is not available. There is no disclosure about the details of Riebe’s childhood. He was born in Florida to loving parents whose name is unknown to this date. He grew up through a normal childhood with two sisters and a brother. Also, he also spent a short time in the army and returned back to Florida. Later, he married four times with four different women. Also, he has 5 children including both biological and step. Mark Riebe lived a secret life and there is no evidence regarding his educational background and work history.