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Mark Gerardot Age, Wife Jennair Gerardot :: Children, Wiki, Family, Suicide
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Mark Gerardot has been in the spotlight after an incident in which his wife murdered his girlfriend in 2018. The triangular love story that later, resulted in the murder and suicide incident left Mark in trauma for weeks.

Mark was having an affair with a much younger woman while he was still in marriage with his wife Jennair Gerardot. The distance, problems, psychological state and many more lead to the incident.

Jennair Gerardot, wife of Mark Gerardot first killed her husband’s girlfriend and later killed herself on April 23, 2018.

Who is Mark Gerardot? How old is his Age?

Mark used to be a creative director at Delaware University in Newark, Delaware before the incident. He had been doing marketing jobs until he arrived in Delaware.

Mark is 51 years old at present. He graduated from the University of St. Francis in Bachelors in Design. His wife was 47 years old when he murdered Mark’s 35-year-old girlfriend Meredith Chapman.

Mark Gerardot and wife Jennair Gerardot. Do they have Children?


The two met during their teenage days. Jennair was a worker at Taco Bell in Fort Wayne, Indiana when Mark saw her for the first time. He realized at the very moment that he was attracted to this woman. Before getting married to Mark, she used to be Jennair Cox.

Although the two met there, they parted ways after the moment. However 4 years later, they managed to cross paths again when Jennair used to work in the mall. Their love grew slowly and they tied the knot on October 23, 1993. The couple was very much in love for a long time.

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Mark Gerardot and His wife

Later, they moved to South Carolina in search of new opportunities in 2011. Jennair used to work in the field of marketing. However, in 2017, after Jennair lost her job, their love-life became a little difficult. They started having problems.

Thereafter, Mark moved to Delaware in around 2018. That was where he came across Mederith and felt attracted to her. Even though he knew that cheating his wife would not be acceptable, he could not stop him from what was coming next.

The couple was seeing lawyers for divorce after they found no solution for the problems in the relationship.

Moreover, they did not have any child according to the reports.

About Mark Gerartod: His Wiki and Family

Mark was born in the year 1968. Not much about his personal details and family is available on the internet. Moreover, he came into limelight only after the murder-suicide incident in 2018. Also, only a few people have access to his personal life at present. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

Mark has been in the marketing and creative field for a long time. He started working in the field since his early days. He moved to South Carolina in 2011 with his wife and did a similar job there. Later in 2017, he again moved to Wilmington, Delaware. however, without his wife this time.

He worked as a creative director at Delaware University.

Mark loves animals. Personally he likes hiking and biking. Also, he is fond of eating pizzas. He is also on Instagram, but he has a private Instagram account.

Jennair Gerardot’s Suicide

People tend to choose dying when they see no other way to go. Or maybe people kill themselves when they are done with life.

The incident on April 23, 2018, was devastating. Jennair and Mark were already consulting with lawyers in regards to their relationship. They had decided to part ways.

However, Jennair seemed to have some other plans. She broke into the house of Meredith on April 23, 2018. She killed Mederith with a gun and later, killed herself. When the police arrived at the location, they found Mark over there. There was blood all over the place. Police even suspected that Mark could be the culprit at first.

Mark is going to talk about the incident and the experience on a show, 20/20  on ABC on 6th September 2019.