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Mark Geist Wiki, Age, Family, Biography, Wife, Father, Salary, Girlfriend
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Mark Geist Wiki, Age, Family, Biography, Wife, Father, Salary, Girlfriend. Mark Geist Wikipedia, Birthday, Spouse, Married, Net Worth, Children, Read Also:-

Mark Geist, previously the United States Marine Corps and now an author as well as a motivational speaker is someone young people should look up to. He served as a member of the security team from the US during the battles in various parts of the world.

After completing his service in the military, Mark chose to be an inspiration for the upcoming generation. Thus, he brought his story to the world continued to inspire many.

Mark Geist Wiki and Biography

Military service is not an easy task to do. Leaving the family for the sake of the service is not something everyone can do. Furthermore, going to the battlefield without the guarantee of one’s life is the hardest.

But, Mark has done it all, left the family, served the military and fought in the battle. Mark Geist is originally from Colorado, USA. A lot about his early life is not available on the internet. However, the detail about an important part of his life has been available for the people through his book.

Mark joined the United States Marine Corps in the year 1984. While in his service, he went for the Barrack Duty in the Philippines and many more places. One of his historical achievements was fighting the Battle of Benghazi, Libya from 11 September to 12 September 2012. This battle was even shown through a movie named 13 Hours.

After his service for the US Marine Corps for 12 years, he then became the Deputy Sherrif in Teller Country, Colorado. Additionally, he was also the investigator for the Crimes against Children. Throughout his working career, he worked for the welfare and security of the country and its people. Even after he lest the military service, he continued to provide security through his own personal security business.

Moreover, he appears in the television shows as well, so that he can share his story and be an inspiration to many.

Mark Geist has not disclosed his age yet


After making the name by serving the country, people want to know about Mark. However, most of his personal details are off the record. As a result, knowing about him is a difficult thing.

Like most of his personal information, age and birthdate is also not on the internet. However, from his pictures, he looks to have spent half of his life already. Mark could possibly be in his 50s as of now.

Mark belongs to the family of militaries – His father and grandfather

The military was in fact in Mark’s blood. He lived in Colorado with his family. His grandfather served the US Army during World War II. Similarly, 3 of his uncles also served in the different parts of the world as a part of the US army.

Thus being military was what he wanted for himself. Although all these details about his grandfather and uncles are available, the information about Mark’s father is unavailable on the internet.

Mark Geist married to Wife Krystal Geist

As a matter of fact, there is not a lot of information about Mark’s marital life and relationship with his wife Krystal Geist.

However, from his social media, it is evident that he and his wife Krystal are very much in love with each other. The couple has a daughter together.

What is Mark’s Salary?

This military man has not yet talked about his earnings. But according to what he has done, he certainly has earned respect along with the money. As of 2019, he could have the net worth over a million dollars.

He uses Instagram, Facebook as well as Twitter for being active on Social media.