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Influenced by her grandfather, Ernest Hemingway (an illustrious author), Mariel Hemingway was always destined to become well known and be recognized by the whole globe. In her quest of becoming popular, Mariel Hemingway has chosen the acting industry. She started the journey of fame in entertainment industry making her first silver-screen appearance in 1976 movie ‘Lipstick’. The Californian-born actress got her success continued at an early age through her appearance with mainstream movies including Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’, through which she earned Oscar nomination. She has been since appeared in 30 films, several television sitcoms and hosted several environmental & humanitarian documentaries.

Mariel Hadley Hemingway was born on 22nd November, 1961 in Mill Valley, California of United States. She is the 3rd daughter to late parents: Jack Hemingway (1923-2000), a writer and Byra Louise (1922-1988). She had two sisters: Joan Hemingway and Margaux Hemingway (a 1954 born actress & model who died of barbiturate overdose). Her upbringing was majorly in Ketchum, Idaho, where her dad lived and her parental grandfather had lived as writer and sportsman. She spent most of her teenage years in Los Angeles and also in New York City.

Intending to achieve great popularity throughout the world, Mariel followed the footsteps of her sister and entered the acting industry making debut in 1976 movie ‘Lipstick’ alongside her sister. Even though the movie didn’t receive well from the critics, her jaw-dropping appearance broke the attention of many and she was nominated as ‘Best Newcomer’ for Golden Globe Award. Being inspired by her first role and unbelievable success, she continued her gaining experience with appearance in TV movie ‘I Want to Keep My Baby’. Her mainstream fame waited till she portrayed Tracy in Woody Allen’s romantic comedy film ‘Manhattan’ (1979). Playing a high-school student, who was also Allen’s lover, achieved Academy nomination into her credits. Her next role was a bisexual track-and-field athlete in 1982 film ‘Personal Best’. After playing in the movie, she successfully posed in Playboy magazine’s issue and also in cover. In 1983, she portrayed Dorothy Stratten in film ‘Star 80’. Her next popular role was as Lacy Warfield in 1987’s ‘Superman IV: The Quest For Peace’. Thereafter, she went to television for co-starring in ABC sitcom ‘Civil Wars’ from 1991 till 1993. She began playing lead in CBS drama ‘Central Park West’ in 1995 but left after 13 episodes due to poor reception earned by the show. She went to play lead in British television movie ‘September’. Though Hemingway isn’t gay in real, she has played bisexual or lesbian in numerous films and TV shows including films: ‘Personal Best’ & ‘In Her Line of Fire’ and TV shows: ‘Crossing Jordan’ & ‘Roseanne’. She has described that after ‘Personal Best’, she has enjoyed big-connection with lesbian-and-gay community. She had performed in documentary movie ‘Running from Crazy’, produced by Oprah Winfrey Network. The movie has chronicled history of suicide of Hemingway’s family, substance abuse and also mental illness. For performing in movie, she scored humanitarian award at 2013 San Diego Film Festival. Throughout her career, she has accumulated the net worth of $12 million.

For more than two decades, she has been having interest in yoga. She is now a voice of holistic and balanced health. As part of her quest in health, Hemingway has led wellness retreats throughout US sharing her approaches about silence, movement, nutrition and home. She has revealed her truly inspiring and insightful story of her life journey via the eyes of meditation and yoga in her powerful best-selling memoir ‘Finding My Balance’ (2003). She released her second book ‘Mariel Hemingway’s Health Living from the Inside out’ in 2007. She has also released a cookbook entitled ‘Mariel’s Kitchen’ and has recently released a book called ‘Running with Nature’. Her passion has always been in connecting with nature and maintaining young looks through breath, exercise, food and nature.

Mariel Hemingway is the mother of two children, daughters: 1987 born Dree Crisman and 1989 born Langley. After dating for a year, she had married Stephen Crisman on 1984, 9th December. The couple’s amiability went on several years showing no signs or disputes. However, the year 2008 came to manage their separation after more than two decades together. Filing the divorce in 2008, the couple’s separated officially soon afterwards. Since early 2011, she has been hooked up with Bobby Williams, former stuntman. Williams have publicly come out as Hemingway’s partner in 2015, April. She has co-authored numerous books with Williams. There’ve been reports about her involvement in plastic surgery intervention for breast augmentation procedure to play Stratten’s character in film ‘Star 80’ during the early 1980s. She has admitted of undergoing the procedure before ‘Star 80’ however got it removed several years later after the implants had ruptured.

Mariel Hemingway’s fans can follow her in twitter and official fan page in Facebook. Additionally, detailed biography can be obtained in several public websites including wiki.