Maria Thattil Parents

Maria Thattil was born to Indian parents whose identities are currently unknown.

However, we do know that her father is originally from Kerala, whereas her mother is from Kolkata, West Bengal. They immigrated to Australia around the 1990s. 

Despite living her whole life in Australia, Maria has been getting proper Indian cultural and traditions knowledge from her parents. 

Is Maria Thattil On Wikipedia?

The official Miss Universe Australia 2020 Wikipedia page has enlisted Maria Thattils name as the winner. 

Growing up, she had struggles to fit with the western culture because of complexity. Through the years, she has become a fierce, independent woman who has been an advocate of diversity and inclusion.

She got crowned as the 2020 Miss Universe Australia, which was the first Virtual event of Australia. She has currently partnered with Clinique Australia, which is a makeup brand.

Similarly, she has also promoted different beauty products of companies like Mecca Beauty, Bondi Sands, and Bella Management.

Recently she got featured in the magazine Wellness Australia with her inspiring story published. 

Maria Thattil Height & Age

The influencer, Maria Thattil, has an average height of 5 foot 3 inches. 

She is 28 years old at present. Furthermore, her full birthdate is February 10, 1993.

Maria is a workout enthusiast who has always been thoughtful of her physique.

Unveiling Maria's Nationality & Ethnicity 

Maria was born in Melbourne, Australia, and belongs to Australian nationality. 

Furthermore, she is of Malayali-Bengali ethnic background and has played a vital role to advocate for diversity and inclusion. 

Despite being born and raised in Australia, she was never accepted as an Australian. Even during the International competitions, people were having doubts if whether she could successfully represent Australia or not. 

We surely can say that she has disproved all the people who didn't believe in her and were having second thoughts.