Maria Butina Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Nationality, Parents and Untold Facts

Here we are offering some untold facts of Maria Butina in detail, so let’s begin with her introduction. Maria Butina is a notorious Russian convicted felon and gun-rights activist. Founded a Russian gun-rights group named “Right to Bear Arms”, she has previously served for retired Federation Council member, Aleksandr Torshin, who is a member of United Russia party of Vladimir Putin.

She disclosed to the Senate Intelligence Committee in April 2018 that billionaire Konstantin Nikolaev funded for her Right to Bear Arms group while after three months of that, she was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from Washington, D.C.

Butina was arrested in an accusation for playing as an agent of the Russian Federation “without prior notification to Attorney General”. Later, she pled guilty to conducting crime of conspiracy to act as an illegal foreign agent of Russia under Title 18 in December 2018. She was sentenced for 18 months by a federal judge on 26 April 2019.

Maria Butina Wiki

Maria Butina has become able to gain the attention from every mainstream and minor media following her crime and charges while Wiki has mentioned all her deals and career. Born in Barnaul, Altai Krai, RSFSR, Soviet Union, her full name is Maria Valeryevna Butina.

Growing up, she attended Altai State University from where she graduated with a bachelor degree in political science and later earned a teaching degree. She was also selected to the Altai Krai Public Council in the last direct election for the Council when she was 19.

Earlier, she began her career with a retail business of furniture at the age of 21. She relocated to Moscow in 2011 and sold her furniture stores to begin an advertising agency and the same year she became a member of the Youth Primaries systematized by the Young Guard of United Russia which is the wing of the United Russia party.

Moreover, she also formed her gun-rights Arms in 2011 with an aim to change strict gun control laws of Russia. Following, she became “special assistant” of Aleksandr Torshin whom she frequently traveled to the US. In late 2014, she left her position to work as the chief of her gun-rights group.

Maria Butina Age –30-Years-Old

Maria Butina has reached 30 by age as she was born on 10 November 1988. Undoubtedly a strong woman with undeniable willpower to legalize gun possession in Russia, she somehow made her access to powerful politicians in her nation and the US with her ageless beauty and charismatic personality.

Maria Butina Height –How Tall Is She?

Maria Butina stands with a staggering height, but she hasn’t disclosed her physical statistics. However, we can say that she a gorgeous redhead criminal who would have made an easy entry in the glamour industry if not gone with the gun-rights group.

Maria Butina Boyfriend –Paul Erickson

Maria Butina previously dated her 56-years-old Paul Erickson who was accused of charges of wire fraud and money laundering. However, there is no recent information regarding their love life while it was indicted that Erickson might have helped his beau in her criminal deals.

Maria Butina Nationality

As Maria Butina was born in Russia, she holds Russian nationality while she was raised in the Serbian taiga during which her dad introduced her guns and instructed her to hunt. Butina told in her interviews, “It is a rare Siberian who can imagine himself without a rifle in the home”.

Maria Butina Parents

Maria Butina was born to her parents, father Valeriy Butin, who called the allegations against her “psychopathy and a witch-hunt”. Her father is a businessman who owns a furniture manufacturing venture in Barnaul and her mother is an engineer.