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Maria Belen Chapur - Bio, Facts, Family of Mark Sanford's Girlfriend
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Maria Belen Chapur – Bio, Facts, Family of Mark Sanford’s Girlfriend. Maria Belen Chapur Age, Wikipedia, Height, Salary, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Nationality.

Chapur used to be a journalist from Argentina. She is known for her affair with the American politician Mark Sanford. Maria, who was in an affair with Mark Sanford who had a wife became popular due to her relationship.

She was often recognized as Mark’s mistress. However, the two seemeb=d to be in love in real. Although the duo is not together anymore, people do not stop remembering the scandal of those times.

Also, after Sanford’s possibility to reappear in the politics, Maria could again be the topic of discussion.

Who is Maria Belen Chapur? Her Bio

Maria was completely unknown name until her affair with Mark. After the revelation of Mark’s extramarital affair occurred on June 25, 2009, Maria suddenly became the centre of attention.

Talking about Maria, Maria Chapur is a divorcee with two children. She is from Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a journalist from Australia. Also, she studied at Pontifical Catholic University in Argentina. She received the degree of political science.

In addition to this, she had worked as a translator and correspondent in 2001. After working for a few years in Argentina, she also worked as a news reporter in New York City.

MAria was, however, a little bit public when she was in a relationship with Mark. But if we talk about today, she is completely away from the limelight and media. In spite of the media’s constant tries, they have not been able to find anything about her at this moment.

Facts on the extramarital affair of Maria Belen Chapur and Mark Sanford


The affair which started in 2008 and was an on-off thing until 2018 was very popular. The popularity was to the extent that, there’s a different Wikipedia page for this.

maria belen chapur

Now let’s know some of the facts on this relationship:

Mark had a wife and sons even before this affair:

Mark and his wife Jenny Sanford had 4 sons even before Mark started his relationship with Maria. However, after finding out about the affair in 2009, Jenny filed a divorce. They separated legally in 2010.

Mark met with Maria in 2001:

Well, Mark had met Maria in 2001 at a dance in Uruguay. Maybe he had an attraction towards her since then. However, they started hooking up a little later than that. And finally, they were in love since 2008. Mark even considered Maria as his soulmate.

They had broken up for the first time in 2014

While everyone started to like the relationship between Maria and Mark, they had something else to tell. Mark broke up with Maria over a long facebook post after being engaged with her.

He told that the reason for their break up was his sons. Since they did not like the togetherness, he had to break up with her.

However, maria thought something different. According to her, Mark broke up with her because she was no longer of any use to him.

They were seen together in 2017 as well

After the break up in 2014, there was no news of Maria and Mark’s togetherness. However, in 2017, reports said that they came back together. And finally, they broke up in 2018 again. Since then, there is no news of Maria on the internet.

She is not even in social media.

Maria’s family is a mystery

Well, there is no information about Maria and her personal life. According to the internet she had 2 sons. Apart from this, nothing about her family is available on the internet


Full Name Maria Belen Chapur
Age Around 46 years old
Birthday Unknown
Net Worth $1 Million
Salary $100 Thousand Dollars
Spouse (husband/wife/partner) Mark Sanford (Boyfriend)
Children/Kid Has 4 Sons With Future Husband Sanford
Parents/Family Unknown
Height / How tall 5 feet and 8 inches – 1.72 m
Nationality Argentina
Ethnicity Argentine
Profession/Job Anchor, Journalist
Measurements 34-26-34 inches
Gay/Lesbian Straight
Married/Engaged/Divorce Dating Boyfriend Mark Sanford