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Marguerite Whitley Wiki, Age, Bio, Family - O. J. Simpson First Wife Facts
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Popular for being the first spouse of O. J. Simpson, Marguerite Whitley is am American businesswoman from Los Angeles, California. For those who do not have any knowledge about who O. J. Simpson is, he is an American Footballer, NFL personality and an actor.

For more information on the famous footballer cum actor, we recommend you visit his Wikipedia page.

However, we will be talking about his first wife, Marguerite Whitley in this short article. So just stick with us to know more about her.

Marguerite Whitley Wiki, Bio

There is no official wiki for Marguerite Whitley. But we have been able to gather some information on her from some sources.

The full name of Marguerite Whitley is Marguerite L. Whitley. However, we don’t know what the L stands for. By profession, she is a Businesswoman and Walmart Worker in L.A., California.

Marguerite was born in the same town i.e. Los Angeles, where she has spent 70 years of her life. She is an American national from Afro-American descent.

Talking from an educational perspective, Marguerite is a high school graduate, as far the information available tells us. There are no records of her pursuing higher education.

Marguerite Whitley Age


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Born on March 20, 1949, Marguerite Whitley is 70 years old as of today. At this age, she has an average height of about 5 feet 5 inches with a weight of 59 kg.

Marguerite Whitley Family

Whitley was born to Marguerite’s parents in California. The identity of her parents is still not available to public knowledge. Also, we do not know whether she has any siblings or not.

Coming to her marital relationships, we can say that she has lived her life to the fullest. She has had three marriages in her lifetime. The first one was with O. J. Simpson. They got married on 1967 June and got divorced in March 1979.

The second marriage of Marguerite Whitley came with Rudolph Lewis in 1986. This was the shortest lived marriage of Marguerite which lasted for only 5 years and they divorced in 1991.

After that, Marguerite Whitley married Anthony Thomas in 1992. The marriage is still continuing as of today.

Marguerite is a proud mother of three children, among whom one is a som and two are daughters.

O. J. Simpson First Wife Facts

Being a Businesswoman in the US, Marguerite Whitley earns quite a good amount of money. In fact, some sites report that she earns about $20,000 per month. At the present time, her net worth is around $250,000.

In 1981, Marguerite filed a lawsuit against Simpson for not paying Divorce Settlement amount of $26,000. She won the case and Simpson had to pay $1500 on a monthly basis for childcare.

Talking about her hobbies and favorite things, Marguerite loves eating Burger, Pizza, and Fries. She says she loves traveling and her favorite holiday destination is Europe.

As for religion, Marguerite Whitley follows Christianity.