10 Facts About Marcanthonee Reis

  1. Marcanthonee Reis hasn't revealed his date of birth. He might be around 8-10 years old. However, we are unable to give you the exact number as his birthdate is nowhere to be found.
  2. He is an actor famous for his roles in "A Tale of Two Coreys (2018)", "Snowpiercer (2013)" and "Grey's Anatomy (2005)". He played the character of Harry Grant in "9-1-1".
  3. The actor has a long way to go and achieve a wiki page. For now, he has a dedicated IMDb profile written about him. And, media outlets also updates about him time and again.
  4. His nationality, ethnicity, bio details are all missing from the internet. Also, his educational background is unknown.
  5. He was born to supportive parents. His mom and dad manage his acting career and studies. They inspire him to pursue his career in acting.
  6. His net worth isn't available on the internet. However, he earns a decent amount from his acting career even at this small age.
  7. Obviously, he is single. And, he is focused on his career.
  8. He hasn't disclosed his height. He looks cute and adorable. Also, he is a talented child actor.
  9. Marcanthonee has been playing roles in movies since 2005. 
  10. He isn't active on Instagram.