Marc Buoniconti Wife, Wikipedia (Nick Buoniconti Son) Married, Son and More

The American Football fans know Marc Buoniconti as a son of the legend Nick Buoniconti. Despite his fathers’ legacy, there are a lot of notable aspects of Marc.

Marc Buoniconti has an inspiring story of struggle. Well, it’s a source of motivation when someone fights against Paralysis.

Marc was in the start of a  potential career when injury forced him out of his legendary father’s path. Who is Marc Buoniconti? his family, wife, marriage, son and more. Here’s you can learn about him.

Does Marc Buoniconti has a Wikipedia page?

Marc Buoniconti was one of those celebrities who would have a Wikipedia page. Although, his fortune didn’t support him for that. We call it a fortune because the injury costing you career is rather a misfortune than an own fault. So, as of 2019, he doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page. 

He was a victim of a tackle at the age of 19 which dislocated two bones of his spinal column. As a result, his part of the body below shoulder was paralyzed.

Marc Buoniconti was born on September 29, 1966, in Boston, Massachusetts according to The Miami Project. His father Nick had to move to Miami after his transfer from Boston Patriots to Miami Dolphins in 1969. Well, his father was a famous footballer, we will get into that. So, Marc spends most of childhood in Miami. Likewise, his mother name was Terry who is still supporting him despite his father’s death recently in 2019.

He was 19 when the incident happened. Likewise, he was at college and loved playing football. Although he describes his childhood as he was careless and irresponsible. He didn’t like studies and often spend time with a friend doing drugs and roaming around. In an interview, he also told that the injury saved his life. He would not even graduate college but he got a reason to struggle after injury.

The 19-year-old, 220-lb, sophomore year footballer playing for Citadel sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI). Although Medicals believed the injury was irreparable but he fought and struggled. Besides, he also runs an organization to help such patients raising funds. That was the propose of life he is proud of.

Who are Marc Buoniconti parents?


Marc had a renowned father Nick Buoniconti beside him. For that reason, his childhood might have been careless that he describes about. Besides, his mother Terry Buoniconti was not so famous.

Nick Buoniconti was a legendary footballer whom millions of fans loved. He played as a middle linebacker for Boston Patriots and Miami Dolphins. He was an icon for all the youngsters who pursued American football. American Football League (AFL) and National Football League(NFL) were his home where his carved his name as one the best in the game. He even was awarded into Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2001 which is the most honorary award for an American Footballer.

After his footballing career, he along with Terry devoted themselves to help their son. Marc was struggling with his injury. Nonetheless, they were successful parents.

Marriage, Wife, and Son

As per the public records, Marc is paralyzed since he was 19-years-old and has no marriage records before that time. Afterward, he was never married but only devoted to helping others with a similar problem.

As of now, Marc is not married and has no children. so, there’s no question about his son.

More about Marc

  • Marc is president of ‘The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis’ at University of Miller School of Medicine.
  • His doctor was Neurosurgeon Dr. Barth A. Green
  • He was the founder of Spinal network 2012.
  • He has honorary medals like Laudare Medal- Barry University, Spirit Award- ESPN, Spinal Cord Injury Hall of fame, and many more.
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