Mara Wright Bio

We don’t know when Mara was born. However, she was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Chicago. Her parent’s details are also not available. She is the daughter of a white descent father and a black mother. Besides, there aren’t any other details available about her. It is very difficult to get a hold of her bio details.

Mara Wright Engaged

If we believe sources, Mara Wright engaged to her long-time boyfriend Trevante Rhodes.  The couple keeps their personal life private. They haven’t official announced about their engagement. But, due to Mara’s relative their secret came out. Hopefully, the duo will soon confirm their engagement and also talk about their wedding plan soon.

Mara Wright Height (5 feet and 9 inches)

According to, Mara Wright stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. Additionally, her body measurements are 32-25-33 inches. The model and actress look stunning in her photos. She is a black beauty with brown hair and brown eyes.

Mara Wright (Trevante Rhodes Fiancé) Wiki

Trevante Rhodes fiancé doesn’t have a wiki profile. It’s very hard to find her details too. She rose to fame overnight because of her engagement with a famous personality. As per sources, Mara Wright is engaged to ‘Moonlight’ actor Trevante Rhodes. However, Mara and Trevante haven’t officially confirmed their engagement. The duo prefers to keep their personal lives within them. Maybe that’s why they rarely post pictures of each other on social media accounts. Additionally, they never spoke about their relationship on media. In fact, the duo isn’t seen together on any of media conferences or parties. No one knows when the couple started dating and how they met. Mara and Trevante guarded their love life so perfectly that no one has a clue when they got engaged. However, one of Mara’s relatives posted a photo of the couple. And, the most interesting thing is he congratulated Trevante and Mara for the engagement in the caption of the photo. Since then, their engagement is the most talked topic in showbiz. It’s no longer a secret now. Trevante‘s fiancé is a model and actress by profession. She is currently modeling for Wilhelmina models. The black beauty was born in Los Angeles and bred in Chicago. She is of mixed ethnicity. Additionally, she worked in a few short film projects before. She has also worked as a theatre artist. For now, she is more focused on her modeling career. Moreover, the model is a trained martial arts expert. Mara is trained in Tae Kwon Do, jiu-jitsu and Karate. Don’t ever mess with her. She has the capability to break bones with her martial arts skills. So, don’t ever even think to take away her handsome boyfriend. You know what she can do with you. Just kidding guys.