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Mandy Harvey Married Life With Husband Travis; Know Her Net Worth: Mandy Harvey first came to public attention and limelight after making it straight through the live shows of Season 12 ‘America’s Got Talent’ but what promptly raises the curiosity amidst the audience after the show was Mandy Harvey’s love life with husband Travis.

Although she has remained guarded about the details of his partner all these years, fans don’t seem to let go and discern how the relationship of the couple is.

Perhaps married for several years, Mandy Harvey is yet to make her public appearance with husband Travis who was last snapped learning sign language to easily communicate with his wife.

Considering how caring and loving Harvey is towards his partner, they clearly make an adorable couple together and noticeably share great chemistry.

Away from the spotlight and paparazzi, the duo has been living a euphoric life with no rumors of differences and feud.

Mandy Harvey Bio

Mandy Harvey Biography: The finest and amazing talent of Season 12 America’s Got Talent, Mandy Harvey had left the whole audience in tears of joy within a minute she started singing on stage.

Her performance had astounded all four judges on the panel but mostly Simon Cowell as he pressed the golden buzzer for the singer that directly secured her a place in live shows of the competition.

Born and brought up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mandy had struggled from hearing disorder since childhood and also endured multiple surgeries but it didn’t help.

She was quite young when her family relocated to Colorado where Harvey came across her deep interest in music. Graduated from Longmont High School in Colorado, her talent primarily got recognition in the University.

Following a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Mandy steadily lost her hearing power and by the time reached 18, she couldn’t hear a word.

Studying vocal music education at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, she soon dropped out of the college and gradually inclined towards music.

According to her bio, the singer continued to perform at local venues and do gigs at bistro and lounge across the city immediately after she met Mark Sloniker, a jazz musician in Jay’s Bistro.

Mandy Harvey Net Worth – $1 million 


Mandy Harvey Net Worth 2019: The former reality television star and singer-musician Mandy Harvey reportedly has a projected net worth of $1 million earned through her successful career in the industry for nearly a decade now.

Although passionate for music since music, she hadn’t thought of making it a career until Harvey completely lost her hearing.

She performed at a local spot such as Dazzle Jazz Lounge and even released multiple jazz albums before performed at the preliminary audition of Season 12 America’s Got Talent.

Mandy amazed all the judges in the competition and by the time finished the performance overwhelmed Simon Cowell pressed the golden buzzer that took her straight through the live shows in the competition.

While the critically acclaimed singer Harvey didn’t win the competition with ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer walking away with the title, she did finish as a finalist in the show which surely might have garnered her lucrative amount.

America’s Got Talent Mandy Harvey Parents

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Mandy Harvey was born to parents Joe Harvey and Valerie Harvey.

While the singer hasn’t revealed much about her parents, it’s clearly witnessed on the audition of America’s Got Talent that she shared a great bond with her dad who was extremely supportive to Mandy.