Who Is Serena Terry, aka Mammy Banter Tiktok Star?

Serena Terry, aka Mammy Banter, has over 725,000 TikTok followers and 20 million likes.

Her funny "Mammy Banter" TikTok skits became viral in a matter of days and have been viewed by millions worldwide to date.

Serena lately used her social media site to share her personal story in the run-up to World Suicide Prevention Day.

She took the initiative in the hopes of encouraging at least one individual to get help.

The influencer talked to MyDerry about the necessity of speaking out about mental health and deviating from the ideal social media picture.

Serena Terry Net Worth: Meet Her On Instagram

Serena Terry has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand. She goes by the username mammybanter on Instagram.

She has over 179 thousand fan followers on Instagram and has made a total of 729 posts.

The majority of her uploads are inspired by funny content and images from her professional life.

Serena, who has one million Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook followers, believes that the key to a large following is to be down to earth.

She believes that the quote "tell it like it is" applies to her videos and that the authenticity of her video is what viewers seek.

Serena Terry can also be followed on Twitter for more information about her daily life.

Serena Terry Age And Bio

Serena Terry is 35 years old as of 2021. Several reliable online resources have featured her with a brief bio.

Serena, aka Mammy Banter, has yet to share her actual birthday or any other astrological information with the public.

Before the epidemic, she worked for a software business and lived an everyday family life with her husband, Mark.

She was going through a lot of grief when she started making TikTok videos.

The TikTok star faced the heartbreaking double tragedy of losing both of her 38-year-old twin brothers within two months of each other in 2019.