Malachy Murphy

Malachy Murphy is the son of Cillian Murphy, an Irish actor known popularly for his villainous roles, and Yvonne McGuiness, an Irish visual artist.

Malachy Murphy also has a younger brother, Aran Murphy, who was born in 2007. They both were born in Sweden. Moreover, Cillian believes that most of his work is unsuitable for them.

Name Cillian Murphy
Birthday 2005
Age 15 years old
Gender Male
Nationality Irish
Parents Yvonne McGuiness and Cillian Murphy
Siblings Aran Murphy

10 Facts On Malachy Murphy

  1. Malachy Murphy is currently 15 years of age. He was born in 2005. However, his parents have not revealed his exact birthdate yet.
  2. Talking about his physique, Malachy Murphy’s height and weight is not known. Moreover, there is also no information about his body measurements available.
  3. Malachy Murphy is the son of Yvonne McGuiness, an Irish visual artist, and Cillian Murphy, an Irish musician and actor known popularly for his villainous roles.
  4. Malachy’s parents, Yvonne and Cillian, met in 1996 when they both were associated with Corcadorca Theatre Company. Later they started dating and got married on 1st August 2004.
  5. The celebrity kid, Malachy, is also a big brother to Aran Murphy. Furthermore, they were both born in Sweden.
  6. Malachy’s father has been awarded Best Actor at Irish Film and Television, National Television Award for Outstanding Drama Performance, Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance, and so on. Moreover, his gorgeous looks and marvelous acting were praised often.
  7. The other members of Malachy’s family are grandfather Brendan Murphy and grandfather Gay McGuiness, uncle Páidi Murphy, and aunt Orla Murphy and aunt Sile Murphy. 
  8. As the child of two famous celebrities, Yvonne and Cillion, Malachy enjoys his parents’ fortune. Although Malachy Murphy’s net worth is not yet known, his father, Cillian’s net worth is $20 million.
  9. Unlike her parents’ neither Malachy nor Aran have been featured in Wikipedia yet. Though, Malachy does have an article dedicated to him in EcelebrityMirror.
  10. Unlike other celebrity kids, Malachy Murphy doesn’t have an Instagram of his own. His parents like to keep their personal life private.