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Maggie Lake is an American journalist and news anchor, best known for appearing on CNN Money. Maggie Lake is a veteran and most prominent news reporter in CNN who has persistently provided in-depth financial and economic news from all around the globe, reporting live from New York Stock Exchange.

Quick Info:

  • Birthday: N/A
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: News correspondent and anchor

Family and Personal Life

Maggie Lake isn’t married or engaged to the date as she is comfy living single life. Since the CNN anchor has never opened up about her private life, it’s yet to be known if she ever dated someone in her life.

Maggie, being the most reticent and secretive CNN news reporter ever has revealed no information as far as it’s concerned to her personal life. She has obscured her life within the four walls for better part of the decades, unfolding no information, be it relating to her early childhood or parents. Extremely sensitive and conscious about the private matters, she hasn’t offered a hint until now which allows the audience to know her personally.

Quick Info:

  • Parents: N/A
  • Husband: N/A
  • Children: N/A
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Coming down to her educational background and academic qualification it’s yet known that she has graduated from Boston University, a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts with bachelor’s degree in political science.

As acknowledged that Maggie is much like a closed book who relishes a private space and confidentiality, she chose not to speak publicly about her relationship status and marital life. If reports are to be believed then she isn’t married to the date and has no grief for staying single.

In fact, she is enjoying her life more than ever, with plenty of ventures and intriguing projects under the belt. As of now, the CNN sprightly veteran is much more single and is more focused and dedicated towards the career rather than the personal life.

Body Measurements and Lifestyle


Maggie Lake is no doubt the most energetic and dynamic news anchor ever in television. Tremendously grounded and down to earth, she has relentlessly graced the television screen breaking day’s most important financial stories.

Valiant, poised and stunning, she needs no introduction being one of the popular television faces amid audience. From bringing the distinctive economic news for the audience to interviewing the CEO’s of a renowned company, Maggie does it all but that’s not her only talent. She is absolutely striking and alluring, being wrapped in subtle simplicity and elegance.

Quick Info:

  • Height: N/A
  • Body Measurements: N/A
  • Plastic Surgery: N/A
  • Weight: N/A

Forever gorgeous and blooming; seems like her upbringing was done in the fountain of youth because an ordinary person would definitely show some signs of aging. As fresh and evergreen as ever, she shows no indication of aging with blemish free skin, rosy cheeks, and radiant beauty.

Now it’s not just the beauty she is blessed with, she has also been gifted with an exceptional talent and approachable persona. Ever smiling, it feels like she has the most scintillating presence on the planet which is able to spellbind anyone nearby.

Remarkably excellent in making friends as soon as introduced with amiable behavior, she is pretty amazing with her friends. Although never married, she is magnificent and good with fellow male co-host and pal in the show, with whom she often hangs out and chats when the camera is off.

Being intensely devoted to work, she is hardly found traveling or chilling out with friends. But that definitely doesn’t demonstrate that she is dull or boring. She is very good with her guest and has fun with them, aiming to make contented and relaxed.

Professional Career

Maggie Lake is best noted as an anchor of CNN’s Money with Maggie Lake’.  Serving the CNN headquarters at New York, she reports on the financial stories live from New York Stock Exchange.

Maggie is a CNN news anchor and correspondent, appearing across the network’s studio programming. Currently, working as a host of ‘CNN Money with Maggie Lake’, reporting live from New York Stock Exchange, she also offers the day’s market coverage to Quest Express and Quest Means Business.

Career Timeline:

  • 1999: Moved to London to report International financial stories
  • 2001: Joined CNN as a news reporter and correspondent

As a news anchor for CNN, she brings out the day’s most important financial news which includes the emerging monetary-economy rise or downfalls of International companies, and nation’s economic position and monetary policies.

In a number of times, she has reported on business stories from all around the world including European debt crisis, the debacle of Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. and global economic crisis and succeeding recovery by the U.S. She has also covered climatic change and most recent technological advancements that had an impact on the consumers and investors of Silicon Valley.

She was a proficient interviewer and was used to of close interviewing some of the leading industrialists and business tycoons including Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Intel’s Brian Krzanich. She also had the one-on-one interview with OECD’s Secretary-General Angel Gurria.

Additionally, she has also had a close interview with big names from fashion and entertainment industry like Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, designer Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff.

Prior to joining the CNN, she was employed at news agency Reuters for about 8 years. While reporting for Reuters TV, she covered plenty of groundbreaking stories and news including U-S bond stock, 1998 financial crisis, and currency markets.

Salary and Net Worth 2018

Maggie Lake estimated net worth is yet to be revealed but she reportedly earns $40,000 salary per year. Considering the posh life as an independent working woman, it’s probable that she has hoarded massive fortune out of sailing a career as a news reporter.

Maggie’s comprehensive fortune is yet to be valued; however, she is believed to receive an annual salary worth $40,000. With more than two decades of booming career in television career and over decades of service in CNN, it would only come as shock if she would receive less than thousands worth salary. Since she has been receiving such hefty salary, it’s most likely that she has garnered immense fortune out of it.

Quick Info:

  • Net Worth: N/A
  • Salary: $40,000