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Midson Stalker
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The reality TV star Madison Stalker managed to pull many eyes on herself. What’s more, she likes to keep herself in top shape due to the requirement of her job.

Other than knowing her to be eye candy, what do we know about her? Did you know she used to be a figure skater? Read ten facts about Madison Stalker in this article.

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10 Facts on Madison Stalker from Below Deck Sailing Yacht

  1. Madison Stalker came to fame after appearing on the reality TV show Below Deck.
  2. Stalker likes to keep her personal information away from the public. As a result, her age remains unknown. But she looks like she is in her mid to late 20s.
  3. Likewise, there is no mention of Madison Stalker’s husband or boyfriend and it remains hidden behind the curtains. This leads us to believe that she currently enjoys her time as a single woman.
  4. Furthermore, Madison keeps herself away from controversies on the show. Not only on the show but in real life as well. No controversy is connected to her to this date.
  5. As for Madison’s bio, she was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit.
  6. Although she keeps most of her personal information in a close watch, she posts a lot of pictures on her social media. And going through it we found out she does have a sister, Paige Stalker. What’s more, she has a nephew.
  7. Moving on to her schooling, she graduated from a high school in Detroit. Furthermore, she later graduated from Michigan State University. But we don’t know which degree she attained.
  8. Moving on to her net worth, as of 2020 we speculate that Madison Stalker holds an estimated net worth of $500k. Moreover, the average reality TV Star appearance earns about $1.5k, however, the main cast can make up to $70k to $100k per episode.
  9. How tall is the beautiful reality star, you might be wondering? Well, Madison Stalker stands at the height of 5′ 7″.
  10. Stalker loves her life away from the limelight, however, she enjoys sharing her day to day moments on her Instagram.