Mélanie Laurent

The award winning French actress Mélanie Laurent is a versatile individuality who believes in perfection for every emergence she made as a model, director, singer and a writer. The lovely Laurent was born on 21 February, 1983 in Paris to a Jewish family. She was raised by her parents Annick and Pierre Laurent and was engrossed in arts from beginning. She was internationally recognized by her portrayal of Shosanna Dreyfus in the movie Inglorious Basterds released back in 2009.

She started her career when actor Gérard Depardieu offered her to in-act in the movies. The moment took place while she was at the set of Asterix and Obelix seeing her friend’s father serving there. He observed the inner most talent of Laurent and suggested that it’s not necessary for her to take any lessons to pursue her acting career. Depardieu recommended her for the role in drama series The Bridge when she was at the age of only sixteen. After this turning point in her career, her kismet changed and gradually rose to immense stardom appearing in more than twenty movies back to back in ten years of interval starting from the year 1999. Laurent also directed and wrote the script of short lived movie De moins en moins which was basically based on the emotions of patient collaborating with her psychiatrist and explaining her feelings virtually. The movie was of seven minutes and was selected for Best Short Film at Cannes Film Festival. Since then, she tried with several realistic feature short movies and plays and all of them were quite applauded critically as well as commercially. With all her successful and exceptional work in the field of acting, directing, writing and many more, she has able to acquire great amount of fortune. Her net worth is estimated to be around $145 million. 

She is married to her enduring boyfriend Julien Boisselier who is also a French actor. After living in romantic relationship for long time, she eventually considered Julien as her official husband back in the year 2012. The couples are blessed with a beautiful son Leo who was born a year later their marriage.

Not only had her multitalented skills to conquer the hearts of millions, but also her charming personality that was much talked about among her fans around the globe. She’s got the height of five feet and two inches and this foreign beauty seeps immense allure and appeal. She is smart and has got nearly perfect measurements as cited which adds extra fascination to her persona. Every outfits she wears, she carries out elegantly showing her enviable legs and feet and cleverly chooses her attires to perfectly match on for her slender body. She looks extremely hot flaunting her toned physique in bikini apparels which can be moderated looking at the pictures of her which is all over the websites. Even so, she does not dishearten the amount of accomplishment in the movie industry; so she assembles all credible endeavors to stay in apposite appearance. Her attractiveness and energetic character stands out of all.

She has accomplished a lot throughout her career and has been honored with several awards including Austin Film Critics Award for Best Actress in movie Inglourious Basterds, Cesar Award for Most Promising Actress, Etoiles d'Or Award, Gotham Award for Best Ensemble Performance for Beginners, Lumiere Award for Most Promising Young Actress, OFCS Award for Best Actress in Inglourious Basterds and many more. She is also the part of Climate Ambassadors for Kofi Annan's Global Humanitarian Forum Campaign. Laurent has been associated with the movement alongside over fishing on the request of the Blue Marine Foundation.

She is undeniably the most pleasing woman. She has been contributing and promoting the French cinema all around the world for long time. She is considered as one of the richest celebrities of the movie industry all round the world. More of her involvements, achievements and personal bio details can be obtained from wiki and her fans can be in touch with her through various networking sites like facebook and twitter.