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Luned Tonderai Wikipedia, Age (Sean Fletcher Wife) Parents, Net Worth, Bio, Children
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If you are a spouse of a celebrity, you are bound to come into the headlines. Similarly, Luned Tonderai is also a familiar face in the spotlight.

Luned is a wife of American-British journalist and broadcast personality Sean Fletcher. Despite her husband’s image, she has her own career.

Luned Tonderai Wikipedia, Age (Sean Fletcher Wife) Parents, Net Worth, Bio, Children

As a matter of fact, she is also in the entertainment industry and faced the camera once and a while. Luned Tonderai is a Welsh producer and director.

Basically, she specializes in short movies and documentaries. Although, she hasn’t had a breakthrough career highlight so far.

Here, you will know all about Sean Fletcher’s wife Luned Tonderai. Continue to know about her age, wiki, bio, net worth, family, and children.

Luned Tonderai is in her early 40s- her Age, Parents, and Wikipedia

There is no information about her date of birth publicly. As a matter of fact, Luned doesn’t have a biography page on Wikipedia as well.

However, she does have a Twitter account and a LinkedIn profile. Additionally, there are pictures of her together with Sean Fletcher.

Using those images to judge her age, Luned Tonderai could be around 40 years old. Likewise, her LinkedIn profile also can be helpful in the regard.

Analyzing her career in LinkedIn, she being around 40 makes sense. On the other hand, her husband Sean Fletcher is 45 years old as of 2019.

Unfortunately, details about her parents and childhood are not available for now. Luned was born and grew up in Wales.

After completing her high school studies, she relocated to London for her college. Then, she attended King’s College and completed her B.A in History.

She has been in production and direction since 2008. She has special skills when it comes to the direction of short movies and Tv episodes.

Her bio and net worth


As mentioned earlier, she has worked her entire career as a producer and a director. Luned Tonderai was a producer at Indus Films for 2 years in 2008.

Afterward, she worked for BBC as a producer and a director for 2 years. Then in 2012, she joined Studio Lambert.

After her 2 and half years there, she became a director at the Garden, London. eventually, she landed as a series producer for Blast films in 2015.

She is still working there. Likewise, she also has an IMDb profile crediting her work and career.

According to the profile, she 2 producer credits for ‘Saving Lives at Sea’ and ‘ 24 Hours in Police Custody’. Moreover, she was also a writer to the documentary ‘Trans Kids: It’s Time To Talk’.

As of 2019, Luned Tonderai’s net worth is under the wraps. However, as per the multiple sources, the amount should reach up to $1 million.

Sean Fletcher and Luned Tonderai are married for 2 decades with 2 children

It’s quite fascinating to see a celebrity having a long-term relationship with someone. That just defines the humble character and a mutual understanding.

Similarly, Luned Tonderai and husband Sean Fletcher have been keeping their relationship healthy and sustainable.

The couple walked down the aisle back in 1999. It’s been almost 2 decades and the couple is still together. The bond has grown stronger day by day.

Additionally, they have 2 children and reason to stick together in ups and downs. They have a son Reuben Fletcher and daughter Lili Fletcher.