Learn About Tiktok Star Lucy Lacht, 

Lucy Latch is a stunning, young 21 years old tick-tock star originally from Germany currently living in France, which is known from her Instagram posts.

Lucy Lacht is a rising TikTok star with 1.3m followers and 53.2m likes by September 15, 2021. 


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Lucy Latch is available in the Tiktok in her real name lucy.lacht

She posts a lot of videos, in which she follows the recent trends too. She has also some of her videos some videos with her boyfriend @alex-freerun

Social media sites have provided platforms for several people. Recently Tiktok has really been the most loved social media site by people of several age groups ranging from children to old people.

people travel a lot of places and do a lot of trends to make the TikTok video.

Lucy Latch Age, Real Name. How old is she? 

Lucy Latch is a young, beautiful, 21 years old rising Tiktok star.

She is available on both Instagram(lucy_lacht) and Tiktok (lucy.lacht) in her own real name Lucy Latch.


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She is active on both Instagram and Ticktock and is famous. She has a number of followers in both sites. She shares a lot of her posts with her friends and her boyfriend too.

Exploring Lucy Latch's Instagram

Instagram has recently been a great platform for several people including celebrities, Ticktock stars, entrepreneurs, etc.

Lucy Latch is also active on Instagram as lucy_lacht. By September 15, 2021, she already has 142k followers.

On her Instagram, she posts a lot of her pictures, her pictures with her boyfriend, her friends, travelling several places too.

Lucy Latch's Parents And Family, who is Lucy Latch Boyfriend? 

The information about the family members of the rising Ticktok star is still to be known to the general public as she has not yet disclosed about her family members.

She shares a lot of videos in Ticktock and Instagram with her partner Alex Freerun( as alex_freerun in Ticktock).

In one of her Instagram posts, she has mentioned that she already had completed a one-year relationship with her boyfriend.

What is Lucy Latch's Net Worth?

The net worth of the Instagram model, Ticktock star Lucy  Latch is large in number.  The exact amount of her net worth is yet to be disclosed.

It's obvious that Lucy Latch has luck in the collection of net worth cause she is active from an early age.