Who Is Lucky Daye?

Lucky Daye is a singer. He was raised in a cult that prohibited secular music. His passion for writing songs and making them was so strong that it did not stop him. 

When Daye's mother left the cult, Lucky was finally relieved. He listened to classic R&B and to artists like Rick James, Prince, Lauryn Hill, and Stevie Wonder.

Lucky moved to Atlanta, Georgia to continue his musical journey.

Daye co-wrote the single "Better" on September 25, 2020. Better was sung by English singer Zayn's single.  And on February 12, 2021, he released Table For Two, the first EP since 2019. 

He had released a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy Mercy Me" on May 21, 2021. Lucky did this to celebrate the 50th anniversary of What’s Going On.

Daye is signed to RCA Records and Keep Cool Records.

His first EP, I was made available to his listeners on November 9, 2019. And on February 6, 2019, his second EP was dropped. 

Real Name Of Lucky Daye

The real name of Lucky Daye is David Debrandon Brown. 

Lucky Daye is his professional name. 

How Old Is The American Singer? Lucky Daye's Age 

The American singer Lucky Daye is 35 years old. 

He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1985.

Lucky's birthday falls on 25th September.  

Lucky Daye's Net Worth And Salary 

The net worth and salary of Lucky Daye are not explored. 

Reports on his earnings have not hit the surface of the internet. 

But by the way, from his Youtube channel, he makes estimated earnings of $135.3K in a year (as per SocialBlade). 

Who Is Lucky Daye's Girlfriend? 

Lucky Daye has not revealed whom he is dating. 

There are no rumors of Lucky's relationship with anyone. 

The artist is quite private when it comes to personal matters. He likes to stay under the radar. 

Meet Lucky Daye On Instagram

Lucky Daye's Instagram handle is @iamluckydaye

He has got 373k followers. 

Lucky has few posts here. On an average post, he gets more than 50k likes. 

His Instagram account is verified.