Luca Sommi Wikipedia: Everything On The Actor

Luca Sommi Wikipedia Biografia, Age And Instagram Bio

Luca Sommi is an Italian actor. The actor is aged 48 years old. Is he available on Wikipedia? Learn about him below in this article.

Luca Sommi was born in Parma, Italy on 18 September 1972. He studied and graduated in Law. He is a Journalist and also an author. He deals with literature, art, and television. He is one of the famous signatures of journalism and TV in Italy. He currently lives in Rome.

He is a conductor and author and also a director and expert in the field of art and literature. He has also written books and presented different broadcasts.

He has collaborated with some newspapers of his nation. He writes mainly about politics and culture. He has also used his knowledge to write for the small screen giving innovative television signals.

There is no particular information available on Luca Sommi’s private life. He seems to be very reserved when it comes to family matters. There are no clear signals of his family even on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram where he loves sharing about his professional activity.

Learn about Luca Sommi Wikipedia Biografia

Luca Sommi interestingly does not have a  Wikipedia biografia.

Although he is a famous Journalist and a TV personality in Italy, he is lagging for his biography in Wikipedia.

What Is His Age?

Luca Sommi age is 48 years old. 

He was born on 18 September 1972. He will soon turn 49 years old in 2021.

Meet Luca Sommi On Instagram

Luca Sommi has an Instagram account, You can connect to him by searching @luca_sommi in the app. 

He has 18.2k followers in the account. He seems quite active on the platform. He shares his interviews, podcasts, and the events happening around the country in his account. He has categorized himself as an author in his bio section.

He is also available on other platforms such as Twitter. He is available as @lucasommi72 on Twitter.