Lt. Jonathan Schechter's Biography and Salary

Unfortunately, he doesn't have any kind of social media presence. On top of that, he also has no LinkedIn profile to sneak into his job histories. Maybe he has worked for the New York City Fire Department his whole career. Nonetheless, he is lieutenant and it requires quite a promotion and number of examinations. So, he does have quite an experience in the field. FDNY lieutenant Jonathan Schechter earns an average base salary of $109,603 a year. On top of that, he is stationed at the central city, New York. Therefore, his salary must be above the average amount presented by

What is his net worth as of 2019?

A lieutenant is a respected government job in the United States. As a matter of fact, it's a pride and the best way to serve the people in need. As a reputed job, he must be making some decent amount of money. Although, there are no sources looking after Lt. Jonathan Schechter's net worth. Assumedly, the amount must be around $100,000. The number may be less but there is always a personal satisfaction in helping people and earning decent money.

Lt. Jonathan Schechter and Angelina Pivarnick sexual assault: Details on their family

It's really sad to learn about sexual assault and harassment. On the hand, it's quite brave for the victims to come out in open. Famous Tv personality and reality-star Angelina Pivarnick is one of those brave souls. After her multiple actress roles in Tv and reality-shows, she started working as an EMT. She was working in Staten Island, New York when she had to face harassment and assault from her supervisors. Apparently, one of those bullies was Lt., Jonathan Schechter. There are no details about his date of birth and childhood for now. Similarly, looking at his age, he should be married. However, there are no available facts on his family and children as well.

Jonathan Schechter Wiki, Age: Lt. Jonathan is around 30 years old

There is not much information about Lt. Jonathan Schechter on the internet. Likewise, he doesn't have a Wikipedia biography profile in any of the online sites. However, it's not so difficult to judge age without his actual biography. Well, we could do some guessings. Looking at his few pictures available online, he must be in his mid-30s. Similarly, looks like he has been working in the New York City Fire Department for quite some time now.