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‘Love Island’ USA Update: Elizabeth Weber Takes Zac Mirabelli to Meet the Family
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Love Island USA premiered on July 9. And, on August 7, it aired its grand finale. I hope you didn’t miss the crowning day of Love Island. For those who missed the finale of the show, Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber won the show.

Additionally, the theme of the dating show was simple. The islanders needed to find a partner with whom they continued the journey. Without a partner, it was hard for many contestants to survive in Love Island. Undoubtedly, the show entertained us in all ways.

The show ended but the love between the winning couple is still alive. In fact, Elizabeth Weber took Zac Mirabelli to meet her huge family. This clearly says the couple wants to live together forever.

Elizabeth Weber Family

Elizabeth was born in a small town in Michigan. But, she now lives in New York. As per sources, Elizabeth is from a huge family.

Also, the credit for her outgoing personality also goes to her big family. Elizabeth has 3 sisters in the family. And, she has more than thirty cousins.

Currently, Elizabeth and her partner are the most talked topic in showbiz. Recently, she posted a photo on her Instagram which caption hints, Zac met Elizabeth’s family. Know the details below.

Elizabeth Takes Zac to Meet Family


Love Island USA ended its journey on August 7, 2019. Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth weber became the winner of the show. They were together from Day 1 in Love Island. And, they supported each other until the finale of the show.

Recently, an update about this Love Island USA winner hit the internet. According to the Love Island USA update, Elizabeth takes Zac to meet her family as soon as the show’s finale ended.

The couple met for the first time in the show. They fell in love there and now they are inseparable. Elizabeth and Zac’s love story wasn’t scripted for sure.

Elizabeth happily posted a photo with a caption and tagged Zac Mirabelli. Read the caption yourself here. It clearly says it all. Also, she was happy to introduce Zac to her loving family.

Additionally, the duo is now with her family at Birmingham, Michigan. Both of them went to a party at Elizabeth’s house. All her family and friend were present at the big party.

After the completion of the show, Love Island USA’s winners traveled to different places together. Also, they are keeping their fans updated by posting their videos and photos.

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli

According to sources, Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli have plans of living together in Los Angeles. However, they didn’t reveal many details about their moving plans. Until now, the duo hasn’t shared their plans for a career as well.

Undoubtedly, Elizabeth and Zac are now famous as reality TV stars. They won the inaugural season of Love Island USA. And, it surely is a good start in their career.

22- years- old Zac is a collage footballer and 24- years- old Elizabeth is an Advertising Executive. The duo proved their love for each other as an Islander. Hopefully, they will be a happy couple in real life too.