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Love And Listings Actor Suge Jacob Knight Jr Age, Family, Parents Details
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Suge Jacob Knight Jr is famous for his acting in VH1 docuseries Love & Listings. To illustrate, the show is about a group of real estate agents in Los Angeles adapting with the market and growth.

Suge Jr is a son of then-famous American record producer, and music executive Suge Knight. Suge Knight was not only famous in the Music industry but also as a footballer. Surprisingly, his career had stains all over as a felon. He had a long and cruel list of felony charges.

Despite his father ups and downs, Suge Jr is doing good in his career. Notwithstanding, he was trending among followers after declaring a statement about a year ago in his social media account.

Here’s all you will know about the statement, his family, age, and more.

Suge Jacob Knight Jr Bio, Age

Suge Jacob Knight Jr. was born in 1996. He spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles. Likewise, he is proud of his father despite his felony charges. He even claims Los Angeles was ruled by his father and it was a fun childhood then.

Suge Jacob went to Crenshaw High School. Later, he attended Fisk University to study coding. In fact, he studied JavaScript. Well, he was involved in Fisk University as an intern for JS coding. He definitely loves programming applications but his recent area of interest is in Real Estate. Moreover, he also worked as a Photographer at ArtClub International.

He started his career as a tutor at Fisk University but consequently, went after father’s footsteps. He started a record label company OverKnight Entertainment as CEO and entertainment consultant. The company works for emerging music talents in America.

Alongside, he has started his own clothing brand “New Death Row” after his father’s legacy “Death Row” which was ceased by authorities. The major breakthrough in his career is as a real-estate intern. He starres in a reality show about it.

The star features at VH1’s Love and Listings. Well, the show is about a bunch of real estate agents trying to cope up with the growing market of real estate. They cater the properties to celebrities, high-profile people and athletes. Moreover, the show is jizzed up with romance and drama with the intention to succeed in their career.

Suge Jacob Knight Jr. Instagram


Suge Jacob Knight Jr. is quite a star on Instagram. Surprisingly, he made a statement about Tupac on Instagram that hit the ground.

He declared that Tupac was alive and living in Malaysia about a year ago in his Instagram account. The post is not available at the moment but followers went crazy about his words. Later, in his interview, he even verified his own statement as truth. According to some fans, He was high while posting the stuff.

Besides, he also posted a video expecting a baby in his life.

Family and Parents

Jacob’s father was a famous celebrity back in the 90s in the Music industry as Suge Knight. Whereas, he was guilty of multiple felony charges over the years and has 28 years of the sentence. He was even a prime suspect in hip hop star Tupac’s death.

Despite his father’s image, he is set to build his own fame but still feels proud to be Suge’s son.

Contrarily, his mother was not so famous but the star is still close to her. She goes by DearBlackchula on Instagram and often has posts with her sons.